Wilhelm Mohorn – Aquapol


Wilhelm Mohorn at the Breakthrough Energy Conference, 2012 Holland

Title : A new physical space energy generator for wall dehydration

Run time: 50.09 min
Speaker: Wilhelm Mohorn
Price : Free

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What does the sweet spot look like when the scientific process embraces spirituality? How can we develop an empirical approach to holistic research so that the end results are viable solutions for our most pressing challenges ? Like clean water, sustainable housing, healing our bodies, organic farming and natural abundant energy. Researcher, artist and creator Vossa has been asking these questions with a passion for accelerated re-evolution. The catalyst for a global shift is the breakthrough thinking that can transcend scientific dogmas. It offers us an inspiring view of research in complete creative freedom.

Since 1985 there is a new space-energy technology on the European market called “Aquapol”. It is a new art generator which doesn`t use any electricity. It is created for old buildings which have rising damp problems and this generator dehydrates the walls within 2-3 years on a very new physical principle which was fully discovered in 1991 by an Austrian mechanical engineer, Wilhelm Mohorn, who received the biggest Austrian award, the so called “Kaplan – Medaille”, for successful scientific works and inventions. In the first part of the presentation you can see a short movie where you see the practical work of the system. Then Wilhelm Mohorn will show on pictures and on an “Aquapol- Generator” model how it works and bring a couple of working hypothesis from his 26 newly discovered physical laws which also could explain the structure of a new geological earth field and the so called “geopathogenic zones”. In the meantime nearly 49.000 Aquapol Generators have been installed in Europe and in South Africa and are successfully drying out old buildings, including castles, churches, monastrys etc. For 8 years the existence of the energy of the future called (space-energy, zero point energy, etc.) and peaceful technologies are promoted by the Austrian association of Space-energy (OeVR) under the presidential leading from W. Mohorn.

Theinventor and natural scientist, Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn, founded the AQUAPOL company 20 years ago. He was born on the 25th of November 1954 in Vienna.
Engineer Mohorn is a graduate of the College for Higher Technology in Austria where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He was always very interested in Mathematics and Physics. Additionally, he studied Natural Sciences for several years and became aware of the fact that, in Physics, energy is poorly understood. This realisation, and the rusting drums in his cellar, were his inspirations to specifically research the field of alternative energy forms with regard to energy conversion.
He then made his breakthrough in the field of wall dehydrations. That was his fourth invention using previously unexploited forms of energy.


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