Dr Thorsten Ludwig – Modern physics on Zero Point Energy


Dr Thorsten Ludwig at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland

Title : Zero point energy, The view point of modern physics on the sea of energy

Run time : 56.54
Speaker   : Dr Thorsten Ludwig
Price         : Free

In this presentation we’ll come to know that the view point of modern physics is, that we live in a sea of energy called the zero point field. Inventors like T Henry Moray and Tesla have claimed this also for many years and presented numerous ways how to use this vast energy resource. And nature has used this force all along, for example the Gecko sticks to wall because of this filed. The talk will give an introduction on the modern physics leading to this sea of energy. We will learn how quantum mechanics, relativistic quantum dynamics and quantum field theory, all lead to the fact that space itself is filed with a lively coming an going of energy and matter, called Zero Point field. This field is also called vacuum state or vacuum fluctuations. The talk will cover the basic questions on who discovered this energy field and what are the main experiment and effects that show the reality of this energy field? Beyond the basics we will learn how Magnetism is a result of this sea of energy. The exchange of energy with this sea of energy, also called radiation correction, leads to a number of fundamental physical effect that are an important part on how the world around us works. By applying modern knowledge and some calculations we will also discover that consciousness could be a key to develop technology using this energy field. As an outlook we will look at some of the most promising new energy technologies that most likely are powered by the zero point energy. To round up the talk we will discuss what is necessary to make these wonderful technologies a reality. What research needs to be done and what social economical is necessary for zero point energy powered gadgets to appear in the life of all of us.

Dr Thorsten Ludwig worked at the Technical University of Berlin from 1997 to 2005 and received his Master in Physics in 2001 and completed his Doctor of natural Science in 2005, both summa cum laude.
At the Technical University he also made contact to other scientists and engineers interested in new energy technologies. As a result a group including Thorsten Ludwig founded the Berlin Institute for innovative energy and propulsion technologies in 2001. The institute is committed to gather information, evaluate technologies and conduct research and development in the field of new energy technologies. The institute has done projects with catalytic hydrogen production, plasma tech, magnetic motors and solid state energy conversion.


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