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The new economics of Breakthrough Energy: win-win-winning | Mike Upstone | GlobalBEM2013

April 21, 2021


You can watch presentation here


Mike Upstone was born in the UK. He studied Government and Public policy at Northumbria University before becoming a management consultant, managing projects for a FTSE100 client base in his early twenties. He went on to be a market analyst for DMS, part of the Janes publishing group, before attending the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, leaving the Army following injury. He chaired the Digital Group at the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) in London which created the first multi-industry digital imaging quality guidelines and acted as a board member for UPDIG, the Universal (international) Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines. He contributes to The Deming Group at the CQI, which publishes MoSO, a Model of Sustainable Organisations, based on the work of leading ‘systems thinking’ exponent, W Edwards Deming and also to ISO international standards exercises. His interest in law follows on from his education at Northumbria, which covered business and constitutional law. He is connected to activists, lawyers and independent law reform researchers, seeking positive solutions to fraud and misrepresentation in the law, banking and finance sectors. Speaking about sustainability projects in connection with breakthrough energy technologies, also discuss different economic systems, which can support inventors, organizations and a movement like ourselves. MORE INFO RELATING TO THE PRESENTER Websites: ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION When a breakthrough energy machine hits the market. Implications for our electricity system, oil driven transport etc. Implications for sustainability and community projects. Business opportunities. The need for a new funding approach. Open source models and countering corporate pirates. Transitional and Traditional issues (conscious hypothesis / how not to embed a failed paradigm). Energy-backed currency. A need for other currencies. New paradigm issues… what’s your intent? The power of connectivity.

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