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Systems biomimicry theory | Gregor Arturo Clary | GlobalBEM2013

April 21, 2021


You can watch presentation here


Gregor Arturo Clary is an avid researcher and theorist in the realms of earth science, physics, and cosmology. He has been applying his concepts and studies to both art and technology, with the wands being a beautiful synthesis of the two. He has also worked in the field as a research engineer involved in sustainable energy systems including alternative automotive fuel systems and radiant atmospheric antenna systems. As this is where his true passion lies such as with the work of Nikola Tesla and Buckminister Fuller. All proceeds help support Gregor and his LA based start up Prometheus Initiative LLC ( Gregor has been involved in the arts and sciences all his life, from fire dancing and photography to geology and cosmology. He has lived on the road hitchhiking to working on high voltage experiments in a research firm. He believes in a comprehensive education and real world experience makes a balanced human being where over specialization is the current downfall of society. Since winter 2016, he has launched an LA based start up called Prometheus Initiative, and recently secured a provisional patent on one of his technologies that utilizes sound to break down raw material to nanocrystals. MORE INFO RELATING TO THE PRESENTER Websites:

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