We cannot wait for governments to do it all, But Energy is a fundamental human right!
So we have to focus on our strengths – and invent it ourselves.

Kofi Annan
Founding Member & CEO GAIA Association

Roberto Reuter

Roberto Reuter, together with few Entrepreneurs, founded GAIA back in 2011 in Austria. Starting as an Association with about 2500 members he helped forming the GAIA Group of today.
Independence makes people free. It will break the chains of today’s societies. To make people more independent is the main focus of his work. Roberto met many people with very disruptive prototypes. His mission is to help inventors develop their existing ideas to a prototype, when the prototype is tested and when the results are positive than these people can be linked to investors so the machine can be developed further for the market place.Together we achieve, enough is denied.


Why Inventors & Investors do not speak the same language – and how this gap could be closed

The fact that Inventors often face difficulties to attract Investors – is just a logical consequence of each other’s mentality! No inventor dreams about an idea, wakes up in the morning and can proudly present his invention the same afternoon. The birth of an invention is usually a long “try & error” path – of months, years and often even decades. But a wealthy Investor is usually not wealthy, because he produced errors in the past, from which he – sooner or later – learned something from. Capital is always cautious – it must be – simply because it is very easy to waist money, but you have to be very clever to invest it right. That´s why both parties need a defined step sequence – as mandatory measure – to have a chance to reach each other, by respecting both demands. And yes, it is possible – maybe even less complicated you might suspect.