We cannot wait for governments to do it all, But Energy is a fundamental human right!
So we have to focus on our strengths – and invent it ourselves.

Kofi Annan
CEO of GAIA Energy Projects

Robert Reich

Robert was born in Croatia but was raised and educated in Germany. As a project manager he developed ionized radiation facilities from scratch to concept – via Business cases simulations to fundraising – from institutional Investors, as well as with support from governmental & EU-grands. Spending half his life with consulting high-tech developments, he found his mission in the support of ambitious R&D Projects, which are worth to be titled as sustainable solutions for humanity.
The amount of scientific information we’ve discovered in the last 20-30 years is more than all the discoveries up to that point, from the beginning of language – If somebody say “it´s impossible ! “ – he is stating just his point of knowledge at that moment – which could be compared, with going to the beach, taking a cup of water out of the ocean – and presenting this cup with water as proof: “look there are no wales in the ocean”


Why Inventors & Investors do not speak the same language – and how this gap could be closed

The fact that Inventors often face difficulties to attract Investors – is just a logical consequence of each other’s mentality! No inventor dreams about an idea, wakes up in the morning and can proudly present his invention the same afternoon. The birth of an invention is usually a long “try & error” path – of months, years and often even decades. But a wealthy Investor is usually not wealthy, because he produced errors in the past, from which he – sooner or later – learned something from. Capital is always cautious – it must be – simply because it is very easy to waist money, but you have to be very clever to invest it right. That´s why both parties need a defined step sequence – as mandatory measure – to have a chance to reach each other, by respecting both demands. And yes, it is possible – maybe even less complicated you might suspect.