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Replacing nuclear power with Breakthrough Energy | James Schmidt | GlobalBEM2013

April 21, 2021


You can watch presentation here


James received a Physics degree through Colorado State University with the help of the Air force. While in the Air force Jim served at the Air force Weapons Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he became a Nuclear Weapons Effects Expert. James left the Air Force after 7 years to become a project manager for TRW Systems (now Northrup Grumman) . James was involved in upgrading the warheads and the guidance systems for our strategic missile systems. James also worked with High Energy Laser Systems in support of a Navy program. James has experience with holographic interferometry, gas gun and electron beam testing, shock wave physics and Finite Element Analysis. James retired early to pursue free energy research and spiritual interests. In May of 2012, James joined New Energy Systems Trust, a breakthrough energy incubator with the mission of networking breakthrough energy inventors with investors, manufactures and professionals to help them get their technologies to market. Association with Free Energy I have always had a fascination with fringe science, free energy technologies, and Nicola Tesla since I was kid. I studied Nikola Tesla all of my life and learned about other scientist who found ways to get energy from the ground or the ether, like Henry Moray and Nathan Stubblefield. Since retiring, I have experimented with various free energy concepts and became interested in the motor generator of John Bedini.   I presented  “The Mysteries of the Bedini Motor” at the 2011 Extraordinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque. I also experimented with the generation of a Brown’s Gas (HHO) using a simple electrolysis cell with some guidance from Vernon Roth. In the process, I found that under the right conditions, one could precipitate a number of materials from the cell including gold. Now I am focused on supporting the mission of New Energy Systems Trust as an incubator to bring together free energy technologies to market. I have written a document “Idea to Market” outlining the process required to take an invention to market posted on our NEST site. My future lies with more experimentation and networking inventors with their needed resources and educating the public and the academic community on the viability of Zero point energy technologies. Websites: Books: ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION James Schmidt will discuss the need to provide alternative breakthrough energy solutions to the current establishment’s destructive radioactive Nuclear Power approach, going beyond the current renewable energy paradigm. Discussion points will include the destructive effects of nuclear power to nuclear waste, the viability of emerging breakthrough energy technologies, and the economic impact of distributed free energy technologies. GlobalBEM, the Breakthrough Energy Movement is an independent organization with the primary goal to facilitate the widespread awareness and use of Breakthrough Energy technology and its implications.

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