It is time to use water as a fuel. Water will be the coal of the future

Jules Verne
Educator and I.T. consultant

Theo Almeida Murphy

Dr. Theo Almeida Murphy, a Spanish and British citizen, was always interested in Natures secrets. As I child he took to pieces lots of home devices and wondered that after putting things together some screws where left over … Luckily his parents let him do that. At the age of 18 he left the Canary Island and went to Germany to study Physics in Marburg and Berlin. He also got into mathematics, chemistry, medicine and philosophy but his heart was in Physics. He focused on nuclear methods for studying solid state matter.

Later he joined the growing IT community dedicated to the internet and digital world. As an entrepreneur he founded a company concentrated on developing additives for fuels based
on water. It was during this time that he got involved in the mysteries of water. He now works as an IT consultant for a Canadian company in Germany and as a professor for digital developments.


The power of water – Its implications on science and society

Water gas turns back to water when used in 4 stroke engines. A pollution free fuel that has lots of power. Its structure has still to be defined and has many names: browns gas, water gas, Knalgas, magnegas. How to produce it in good quality is a task dealing with vibrations. We will describe some of its properties like density, mass distribution, quantum coherence and ways of producing it. What would happen if main topics in our society as health, agriculture, transportation, heating, generation of electricity, etc, were based on new water technologies? Which possibilities do we have right now?