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Presenters Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage at GlobalBEM 2019

October 8, 2019

Meet Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage , presenters at the GlobalBEM conference in November. Their talk will be about: “The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology”

Montgomery Childs holds a number board certifications related to applied physics, mechanical engineering, statistics, and computational fluid dynamics.

As the founder of Aurtas International he is the creator, chief scientist, and program leader of the SAFIRE Project. Designed with multidisciplinary collaboration, SAFIRE replicates the atmosphere of the Sun in a laboratory. 

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Dr Clarage gained his PhD in physics from Brandeis University, studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. Michael Clarage has researched binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope, and made discoveries in the areas of fractional calculus and chaotic systems. He designed and managed the production of one of the first secure phone messaging apps for physician communication. His public lectures have shown many new ways to understand relativity and dimensions, metaphysics in biology, and how to include the idea of “function” in astronomical phenomena.

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