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Presenter Jorg Schauberger presenter at GlobalBEM 2019

October 17, 2019

Meet Jorg Schauberger, presenter at the GlobalBEM conference in November. His talk will be about: “Comprehend and Copy Nature – Viktor Schauberger and his unconventional way of looking at the complex web of life, his predictions and solutions”

Jorg is a author and editor of several books and video documentations about his grandfather Viktor Schauberger, speaker at international congresses, head of PKS (Pythagoras Kepler System,an NPO in Austria referring to the works of Viktor and Walter Schauberger). For more than two decades he together with his wife Ingrid organizes international seminars in Bad Ischl,Austria, dealing with new ways of river engineering,futuristic energy- and propulsion-systems as well as alternative ways in agriculture and forestry.

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