In the simplest sense, Free Energy is nothing more than the recognition that the Natural World exhibits dozens of continuous motions, and that many of them are significant enough to act as energy sources for properly designed machines.

Peter Lindemann
Inventor, researcher, historian, author, lecturer and educator in the field of Breakthrough Energy

Peter Lindemann

Dr. Peter Lindemann is an inventor, researcher, historian, author, lecturer and educator in the field of advanced alternative energy. In 1973, he was introduced to Edwin Gray’s self-running electric motor and has been studying similar technologies ever since.

Along the way, he shifted his focus away from specific inventions and began looking at and identifying underlying principles and hidden environmental inputs that make these machines work.  Now, after 46 years of studying how to tap into energy sources freely available in Nature, he is semi-retired and continues his private research.

In 2000, he started his own company, Clear Tech, Inc., and began publishing information on the working principles of various free energy systems.  Besides his free educational website, some of these publications include: The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (2000), Tesla’s Radiant Energy (2006), Electric Motor Secrets (2007), Perpetual Motion Reality (2012), Open System Thermodynamics (2013), the Bedini SG Handbook series (2012-16), Free Solar Secrets (2014) and many others.  After 4 decades in the field, Dr. Lindemann continues to be a sought after public speaker and educator.


The Science Behind Tesla’s “Self-acting Engine“

What if there was a way to gather solar energy and convert it into a source of mechanical and electrical power that was available 24 hours a day, anywhere on the planet? Such a technology could power civilization into the indefinite future while cleaning up the environment and averting the worst consequences of Global Warming! 119 years ago, Nikola Tesla claimed to have discovered such a technology. He called it his “Self-acting Engine“ and it converted the heat in the ambient air into mechanical energy while exhausting refrigerated air as a by-product. Join Dr. Lindemann as he shows how this astonishing invention works, why it doesn’t break any physical laws, and how this amazing genius from the past can still show us how to save our future!