Moray B King – One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers

Moray B King at the Breakthrough energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland

Title: One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers

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Speaker   : Moray B King
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The popular single duct water electrolyzers emit a combustible gas that most researchers believe to be hydrogen (a.k.a. Brown’s gas, HHO, hydroxy, oxyhydrogen). However, cavitating the water in the electrolyzer produces an even more powerful gas. The gas is comprised of charged water clusters formed from reentrant jets emitted from torus shaped, collapsing cavitation bubbles. Mark LeClair discovered that the extreme pressure within the reentrant jet squeezes water into a nanometer wide, solid state, macro-ionic water crystal. The tip of the crystal exhibits a plasma bow shock wave with an extraordinary energy density that appears to be self-organized from the zero-point energy (ZPE), much like the charge cluster plasmoids discovered by Ken Shoulders. Shoulders named them exotic vacuum objects (EVO) when he became convinced their excess energy was sourced from the ZPE. The energy becomes stably trapped in the water crystal when it closes into a sub-micron ring. Here the energy appears to be stored in the ring’s d-orbital electrons like Rydberg matter, a cold plasma form. When ignited, the ring reverts to a plasmoid like Shoulders’ EVO, which manifests the energetic anomalies of the Brown’s gas welding torch: a cool flame, which can vaporize tungsten. Cavitating water in the electrolyzer converts it from an ordinary HHO device into a zero-point energy machine.

Moray B. King is an internationally known physicist, author and speaker with specialities in Zero-Point Energy, Tesla Technology and Quantum Physics. He’s the author of ‘Tapping the Zero-Point Energy’, ‘Quest for Zero-Point Energy’ and ‘The Energy Machine Of T. Henry Moray’. (All published by Adventures Unlimited Press)

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