New Book Release: Hidden Energy – Tesla-Inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance

Former GlobalBEM presenters Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich, host at the GlobalBEM 2019 conference, just released a new book about Breakthrough Energy. Hidden energy is the book that discloses possibilities for humankind, such as technologies that tap into a universal sea of energy

The book features students, garage inventors, scientists and cosmologists from around the world who are all working on these concepts, theories and devices. Each working to take what seemed impossible to the realm of not only possible, but within our natural birth right to achieve.

This book is for people who understand the status quo is no longer acceptable. It is for those who seek a greater understanding of our relationship with the environment, natural forces, mindfulness and the technology we create.

Books will be available at GlobalBEM 2019 conference. Tickets still available here:

If you are not able to attend you can also order the book at Amazon:

About Susan Manewich:

Susan A. Manewich M.S. is the President of New Energy Movement. Susan is experienced in the field of leadership development, organizational development, resonant technology and consciousness. She has co-authored work in Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life (Psychology Press, NY 2006) and Applying Emotional Intelligence (Psychology Press, NY 2007). Susan enjoys nature and spending time learning about ancient cultures. Check GlobalBEM presentation here:

About Jeane Manning
Jeane Manning, B.A. Soc., is co-authoring Hidden Energy and previously authored other books about breakthroughs, starting with The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing NY 1996). Her previous books are published in ten countries. For 30+ years she interviewed scientists and inventors on various continents. She has been a social worker, journalist and publicist for a gypsy-style theatre company. Jeane has a veggie garden in British Columbia, Canada.

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The GlobalBEM team.

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