Why does the sun shine?

Dr. James Ryder, Managing Director IBEX Mission, NASA
Founder, chief scientist, and program leader of the SAFIRE Project

Montgomery Childs

Montgomery Childs holds a number board certifications related to applied physics, mechanical engineering, statistics, and computational fluid dynamics.

As the founder of Aurtas International he is the creator, chief scientist, and program leader of the SAFIRE Project. Designed with multidisciplinary collaboration, SAFIRE replicates the atmosphere of the Sun in a laboratory.
At the request of the Canadian National Research Council, Mr. Childs designed a rocket to measure for atomic oxygen in the earth’s upper atmosphere. He has patented and prototyped advanced solar panel designs, authored the textbooks and taught on Auto-LISP, AI, mechanical engineering, and cost of quality. He has developed 13 patents in the fields of machine control and plasma physics.

The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology

The SAFIRE Project has successfully reverse-engineered the atmosphere of the sun in a laboratory on Earth. Montgomery Childs and Dr. Michael Clarage will compare two theoretical models of the sun – gravitational and electrical – and present evidence from the most recent SAFIRE experiments relating to energy production, transmutation of elements, and remediation of radioactive materials.