Mark Dansie – Emerging breakthroughs

Mark Dansie at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012, Holland (Preview)

Title : Emerging breakthrough and stepping stone technologies

Run time: 45.54 min
Speaker: Mark Dansie
Price : Free

Mark will be speaking briefly about his top picks for emerging breakthrough energy technologies and stepping stone technologies. This includes solar, solid state material generators, fuel technologies, solid state magnetic generators, sonafusion and cavitation.

Mark will also talk about funding and the different options on start up projects.

Mark will be demonstrating :
1. Solid State Generator with very low power output which is still under development.
2. An alternative economic, environmentally friendly power technology suitable for flashlights, portable powered devices that replaces the need for batteries.

Mark will also be speaking on the need to establish a resource base for inventors, scientists and developers of Breakthrough technologies. This includes:
1. Establishing a pool of qualified testers and advisors.
2. A set of testing standards and protocols that are internationally recognized
3. A data base of information of past and present projects, what worked and what did not.
4. Supporting BEM in all of the above

Mark has been testing and evaluating break through energy devices for the last 6 years worldwide. This includes hydrogen powered generators, magnetic motors, electronic energy amplifiers, gravity devices, buoyancy machines and solid state generators.

Mark is a co founder of Infinergy Inc which is an incubator company for break through energy and environmental technologies. They are located in Australia and USA. Infinergy specialises in fuel, emission, magnetic generators and energy technologies. (no web site, under the radar). They are developing energy and lighting products also for third world countries.

Mark’s previous experience has been in management of commercial operations in a University, CEO of a community housing company and many start ups. Mark also specialises are Hydrogen Injection.

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