Comprehend and Copy Nature

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Author, Water-researcher

Jorg Schauberger

Author and editor of several books and video documentations about his grandfather Viktor Schauberger,speaker at international congresses,head of PKS (Pythagoras Kepler System,an NPO in Austria referring to the works of Viktor and Walter Schauberger).For more than two decades he together with his wife Ingrid organizes international seminars in Bad Ischl,Austria, dealing with new ways of river engineering,futuristic energy- and propulsion-systems as well as alternative ways in agriculture and forestry

JS is holding a science-degree (Magister rer. nat.) in Mathematics from the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz, Austria. With his company Schauberger Natur Technik he is partner in a research group (Applied Water Physics) at Wetsus in Leeuwarden, with a focus on the behavior and the benefits of water,vortexed in hyperbolic cones, that were established by his father Walter Schauberger.


Comprehend and Copy Nature – Viktor Schauberger and his unconventional way of looking at the complex web of life, his predictions and solutions.

The Austrian forester, observer and inventor Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) was far ahead of his time. From the late 1920ies on he predicted climate change, flooding and droughts, desertification,shortage of drinking water and many other ecological catastrophes – caused by us humans.Schauberger unsuccessfully warned his contemporaries. Nevertheless, he thought of solutions how to co-operate with nature, always having in mind the future of generations to come.He promoted alternative methods in agriculture avoiding chemical fertilizers, developed water-friendly concepts in river-engineering and designed energy-machines, running only on water. His goal was to find a way not to destroy the source, rather than to ennoble it, e.g. water. Whenever used in
machines, the resources should leave the engine in a better quality than they had before filling. His energy-concepts also dealt with the possibility of transmuting elements, the creation of “bio-logical vacuums” and other futuristic technologies in accordance with nature.