Joel Garbon : Why we need New Energy Testing Protocols

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Joel Garbon at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2013 Boulder

Title: Why we need New Energy Testing Protocols

Run time: 00:57:48 min
Speaker: Joel Garbon
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English

Presentation : Don’t be fooled again. Why We Need New Energy Testing Standards.

Hundreds of inventors have made extraordinary claims about novel devices that supposedly produce “free energy”. The internet is awash in videos of new energy technologies that are enthusiastically promoted as world-changing discoveries. Yet the vast majority of these claims do not hold up under careful technical scrutiny. By some estimates, more than 95% of the claims prove to be invalid. This has resulted in a tremendous amount of time and resources expended in debunking meritless technologies, and the withholding of investment capital from a new energy scene that is perceived to be fraught with technical incompetence, junk science, and even outright fraud. The casualties of this scenario are those real breakthrough energy inventions that deserve attention and funding to accelerate them to market.

This presentation makes the case for rigorous standardized new energy testing protocols that are open sourced to inventors and vetting specialists. The outcome would be a vast reduction in the proliferation of bogus inventions, with a more concentrated stream of real breakthroughs coming to the attention of the scientific, engineering, and investment communities. The credibility of the new energy research field will be uplifted, and technologies-of-merit will be more quickly identified, supported, and launched. The world will benefit.


Joel Garbon serves as President of the nonprofit The New Energy Movement, which educates about breakthrough energy technologies and their implications for human society and our imperiled planet, while also serving as an advocate organization for inventors of these technologies. He is a founding member of the New Energy Congress, which maintains a publicly viewable database of the most promising breakthrough energy technologies.
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