GlobalBEM 2019 presentations now available

We have made all the presentations of the 2019 GlobalBEM conference available HERE.

You can enjoy the following presentations:

  • Jorg Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature – Viktor Schauberger and his unconventional way of looking at the complex web of life, his predictions and solutions.
  • Theo Almeida Murphy – The Power of Water – Its implications on science and society.
  • Mats Lewan – An Impossible Invention – An energy revolution that might change the world.
  • Robert Reich & Roberto Reuter – Why Inventors & Investors do not speak the same language – and how this gap could be closed.
  • Peter Lindemann – The Science Behind Tesla’s “Self-acting Engine“.
  • John Cliss – Taming the Wild West Frontier of New Energy Technology with Professional Vetting Standards.
  • Panel Discussion Day 1 – With Jorg Schauberger, Theo Almeida Murphy, Mats Lewan, Robert Reich & Roberto Reuter , Peter Lindemann and Susan Manewich.
  • Toby Grotz – Breakthrough Energy Generators – How Bruce dePalma’s discovery led to the design and implementation of over unity systems.
  • Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage – The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology.
  • Paul Laviolette – Through the Looking Glass: Our Open-System Universe and Overunity Galaxy.
  • Dan Winter – Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution in the Vacuum – key to vacuum coherence/ zero point technologies AND neg-entropy / life force in general.
  • Panel Discussion Day 2 – With John Cliss, Toby Grotz, Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage, Paul Laviolette, Dan Winter and Susan Manewich.

Enjoy watching!

The GlobalBEM team