Energy, Healing technology and Cosmic awareness | Fernando Vossa | GlobalBEM2013




Next in this series is Fernando Vossa who gave a presentation about the connection between health and BE.

You can watch presentation here


Fernando Vossa has been designing technology experiences for over 18 years. Mr. Vossa’s approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Industrial Design, Cognitive Psychology, Virtual Reality, Cinematography, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. Mr. Vossa’s accomplishments include being part of leading edge design teams for major brands such as Microsoft, Sony, US-WEST, GE-Aerospace, and most recently unfolding innovative installation concepts at The Center of Mass Creation. This media pioneer holds degrees in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Technology Design from the University of Washington. His passion for Divine technology has let him to discover evolutionary transformations of our energetic body. His journey is to explore the integration of Free Energy Research, Healing Technologies, and a Cosmic Awareness of our Extra Terrestrial neighbors. Vossa is a member of the Exopolitics movement. The Center of Mass Creation is a design for an R&D facility for a new generation of conscious technology. An introduction to the Center of Mass Creation as presented to Singularity University: MORE INFO RELATING TO THE PRESENTER Websites :

Enjoy watching!

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