Electromagnetic coils | Erica & Daniel Nunez | GlobalBEM2013

Next in this series is Erica & Daniel Nunez who gave a presentation about “Electromagnetic coils”

You can watch presentation here


1Stop Energies is based out of the Bronx, New York; and is founded by Erica and Daniel Nunez. Combined with a drive towards freedom and a hands on way of creating change, the 1Stop team has been able to research, develop, and implement many of the technologies listed in the different application tabs above. Websites: https://1stopenergies.com/ ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION What began as a “sustainable night light project,” became a life long journey to reshape the way we generate and utilize electricity on a fundamental level. After closely contemplating the efficacy of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources; it became apparent that these options relied on finite sources of energy and couldn’t possibly create an ‘end all’ platform for energy independence. Thus, commenced the quest to develop a type of energy generating system which could truly sustain and balance energy in a new way. We commenced by creating simple energy efficient motor/generators based on open source information attainable through internet searches and published data. Shortly after, our interest in sacred geometry led us to the Vortex Based Mathematics works of Marko Rodin, which were later refined by Randy Powell. The entire VBM premise is based on universal ‘natural pathways’ or ‘flow paths’ that exist in the 3-D space we inhabit. This understanding has also been verified by Dan Winters, Nassim Haramein, Nikola Tesla, CERN Researchers, and many others working in the field of platonic solids. After seeing other small scale models created by driven inventors; we decided to take our understanding a step further and develop our custom framework to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space. We began testing different wiring algorithms and creating custom circuitry to understand and replicate our own findings for both on and off grid uses. Over the course of 4 years, we have developed enough collective knowledge to replicate our results on large and small scale uses; while posting our findings to the internet community in an attempt to raise awareness and peek interest into these wonderful new possibilities.

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