Electro-Magnetic Induction. Rediscovering the works of the masters | Mark Brasche | GlobalBEM2013

Next in this series is Mark Brasche who gave a presentation about “Electro-Magnetic Induction. Rediscovering the works of the masters”

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From the age of 3, Mark Brasche exhibited a propensity for science that far exceeded any of his peers. His thirst for knowledge was nurtured by his mother, much to the chagrin and in spite of objections from his elementary school teachers. Despite earning straight A’s in math and sciences, he nearly did not graduate high school for lack of English credits. Today he is a respected, self-taught electronics engineer. His CV includes electronics tech right out of high school, engineering tech for a nuclear power plant sub-systems maker, computer network administrator, robotics engineering, RF systems engineering, etc. He is a published author and international speaker on the topic of online safety for children and corporate network security policy. His first real introduction to free energy was when a workmate gave him a copy of Science & Mechanics featuring Howard Johnson’s all magnet motor MORE INFO RELATING TO THE PRESENTER Websites: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZeroFossilFuel http://alt-nrg.org/ ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION The lure of the possibility of cheap, non-polluting, unlimited energy is what drives us to experiment. I believe that electrical engineering masters of the past, names such as Faraday, Maxwell, Heavyside, Tesla, Steinmetz, all had the keys or portions thereof which held the potential of releasing this abundant energy from the vacuum. It is the natural order of our physical universe, the very foundation of creation itself. In more modern times we have seen repeated evidence of this energy synthesis from people such as Eric Dollard, James Murray and many others. The evidence is all around us. Our path is clear. But, to reach the end we must know where to start. Where that is is not where we have been taught.

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