Dr. Peter Lindemann, speaker at GlobalBEM 2019

We are honored to present one of Breakthrough Energy’s pioneers. Dr. Peter Lindemann is inventor, researcher, historian, author, lecturer and educator in the field of advanced alternative energy. In 1973, he was introduced to Edwin Gray’s self-running electric motor and has been studying similar technologies ever since.
Peter will be speaking about “The Science Behind Tesla’s Self-acting Engine.” This technology has a great future. It allows access to solar energy 24 hours a day, whether the sun is shining or not. Read more about Peter Lindemann here.

Peter has not been active in the field of Breakthrough Energy for the last three years. As Mr Lindemann explains:

“I have been involved in this field for 43 years, ever since 1973, when I first learned of Ed Gray’s remarkable electric engine that kept its own batteries charged. In that time, I have had the astonishing privilege of studying under, becoming friends with, and making significant contributions to the work of five extraordinary gentlemen: Bruce E. DePalma, Robert G. Adams, Trevor James Constable, David R. Squires, and John C. Bedini.

Near the end of 2016 my good friend and colleague, John Bedini, died suddenly and unexpectedly. It really shocked me in a way I didn’t understand. It gave me a sense that I wanted to re-evaluate what I was doing in the New Energy Field, and so I announced my retirement.

Now, 3 years later, I can’t say that I returned to full engagement, but I am starting to get a little more involved in this field again.”

For more on John Bedini, follow this link to our Hall of Fame.



The GlobalBEM team.