Dr David Nagel – A new workforce will be needed for LENR


Dr David Nagel at the Breakthrough Energy Conference, 2012 Holland

Title: A new workforce will be needed for LENR

Run time : 43 min
Speaker   : Dr David Nagel
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Dr David Nagel was scheduled to be one of the speakers on the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Holland this last November but could make it due to personal reasons. He prerecorded his lecture for us.

If, as planned, many power and energy sources based on LENR are produced and sold, it will be necessary to educate a workforce in their design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and other functions. This will require knowledgeable managers, engineers, technicians and sales people.  The fact that LENR are still not understood makes teaching about them a challenge.

Dr David J. Nagel received a BS degree in Engineering Science (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Notre Dame, and an MS degree in Physics and a PhD in Materials Engineering, both from the University of Maryland at College Park. During a half century, Dave has had four successful careers, and just began a fifth: Officer in the US Navy. After graduating first in his Naval ROTC class, he had four years of active duty and 26 years of reserve service, including three tours as a Commanding Officer. He retired in 1990 with the rank of Captain in the U. S. Naval Reserve.


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