Dick Korf & Gerard Essing – Is LENR the Real Deal


Dick Korf and Gerard Essing at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland

Title : Is commercial LENR the real deal ?

Run time: 48.50 min
Speaker: Dick Korf and Gerard Essing
Price : Free

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The science, engineering and business challenges of LENR will be presented and discussed. There is a robust scientific experimental database now for the existence and some characteristics of LENR, even though the fundamental mechanisms are still not understood. The engineering of LENR systems to produce practical power and energy systems is now in its earliest stages. Nonetheless, two companies are promising to have products on the market in the near future. Many other companies, mostly new, and some university groups have appeared to commercialize and study LENR.

Ing. Dick Korf is very busy to contribute his personal possibilities in relation to all different kind of new energy technologies to mankind.
For this he flew all over the world during the last 5 years from Australia to China, many times to the States and of course all different countries in Europe.
He met so a lot of different inventors who invented the most crazy inventions. Now he is convinced that the real breakthrough of complete new energy technologies is very close by.


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