David William Gibbons and Jeane Manning – History of Breakthrough Energy


David William Gibbons and Jeane Manning at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland

Title: History of Breakthrough Energy

Run time : 1.11.16 min
Speaker   : David Gibbons and Jeane Manning
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David William Gibbons is best known for the creation of deep ethereal dialogue, broadcast widely across the transitory and fast evolving technologies existing at the beginning of the 21st Century.Today, these dialogues continue to expand based upon the transformation of a challenged planet. Distinguished individuals and groups from all over the world have participated in deep conversations, the latter of which are charted through international panels on the well respected Crossing over the Bridge series. The most notable of these include the late Dr. Brian O’Leary Astronaut and Author, with whom he recorded over 28 hours of dialogue and engaged in hundred’s of hours of personal conversations outside of the regular broadcasting schedule. A close friendship and mutual respect developed between the two individuals heavily reflected and resonating in the work that they created together. Dr. Brian O’Leary passed in July 2011.

http://www.glntv.tv/dgnetworks and http://www.crossingoverthebridge.org/

Jeane Manning is a long-time researcher of quantum-leap energy systems that could replace oil, and their implications for humankind. She authored The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1996, now out of print); Energie (Omega Verlag, Gemany, 2000); and coauthored other nonfiction books including Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, co-authored with Dr. Nick Begich. These books are published in six languages and she has been an invited speaker at several energy conferences in Europe.
Jeane began to chronicle the new energy scene in the 1980s. During the years while she was staff writer for a regional lifestyle magazine, edited a small town newspaper and held other employment, she used her vacation time to interview scientists in North America and Europe. She has served on boards of directors for a new energy institute that was based in Utah, the Institute for New Energy; ocean energy company Blue Energy Canada; geothermal company Essential Innovations; and the New Energy Movement based in Portland, Oregon.
In January of 2007 a group of men and women gathered at Jeane’s apartment in Vancouver, Canada, to form New Energy Movement Canada. These grassroots efforts are intended to help bring about a world of clean air, vitalized waters and healthy soils. Jeane’s three grown children and their young families inspire her efforts.


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