A closed system cannot exist in a Universe where all evidence clearly shows that energy density
increases as size decreases.

Mike Waters
Advanced technology consultant, Researcher, Inventor and Sustainable recovery strategist

David Enke

David Enke is a true renaissance man. A musical craftsman, electronics wizard, visual artist, scientist and vibrational healer.

His fascination with science and technology began at the age of 6 as he unknowingly beta tested color tv kits for his father who was a senior test equipment engineer for Heathkit, among other things. David went from making R/C models to building musical instruments at the age of 13, and continues in this area to this day. His two primary mentors are Steve Klein and William Eaton, and he continues a tradition of great innovation by inventing new things and pushing the envelope of what can be done with new designs and new ways of thinking.

Along the way he started playing with aerospace polymer materials and came up with some revolutionary methods to capture and amplify acoustic instruments cleanly and accurately, and his pickup systems are enjoyed by numerous top musicians as well as a number of top vibrational research scientists all over the world.

Exploring music, art, and innovation always leads back to a study of consciousness, and for David, this has evolved into a fascination with cosmology, epigenetics, quantum theory, and the cultivation of states of bliss and peak experiences. Using sympathetic resonance and vibrational principals, he has developed a set of various “tool boxes” to help connect people to source consciousness and bring them into greater harmony with themselves and their environments.

David resides in Southern Colorado and is the founder of Open 2 Source Studios, a place where artists and inquisitive thinkers can come and manifest their dreams.
Besides working with instruments and other traditional sound healing tools, he also makes chakra tuning pendants, orgone sculptures, Chinese five element water fountains, and a number of other things that help bring things into a state of harmony and coherency.

His pendants and harmonic chakra tuning jewelry are made by his company Antennas for the Soul from a huge variety of vibrationally potent healing crystals and minerals that behave like tuning forks to bring the energy in our bodies into alignment and create a sense of well-being and attunement with every aspect of our lives.


Open System Energy Breakthroughs, Technologies and Sources

A number of exciting new technologies are emerging that are capable of transforming our entire way of life, from long range electric vehicles to revolutionary power sources that do not pollute. Breakthrough Energy technologies and open system physics have finally matured to provide practical and scientifically robust energy solutions at any scale. Several systems projects and R&D challenges will be discussed, wrapped within a physics that anyone can understand.

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