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Conference update and Call for exhibitors, few spots available

October 24, 2019

With few weeks to go and the program is finished. We are working on the final parts to make GlobalBEM 2019 a success. Here a short update.

Our team recently expanded with new volunteers: Hien, Nikola and Paul who are doing a great job managing all our social media. Currently, besides the regular channels like Youtube and Facebook, can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and our own GlobalBEM homepage.

We also welcome Casper who is helping GlobalBEM with the editing of our videos and he created a beautiful new promo video for GlobalBEM 2019.

The event location is a beautiful hotel with a great atmosphere inside the venues. They completed a full redecoration and it looks fantastic. They are extremely helpful to put this event together and we are grateful for that.

Exhibitor spots still available.

Working on the final preparations we like to do a call for exhibitors.

Next to our conference room we have a special room for exhibitors and we have a few tables left. So in case you have something to show or share regarding Breakthrough Energy such as:
– A new book(s)
– A device that you have been working on
– A company that is involved in the field of Breakthrough Energies
– Scientific research regarding Breakthrough Energies

Then please apply as Exhibitor/Vendor so we can reserve the last spot(s) for you. You can use this form:

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to obtain one of the last 2019 Event Tickets or Livestream Ticket (unlimited available). The online event ticket sale will end on the 5th of November.

If you have any questions please let us know and we hope to see you in November!

The GlobalBEM team.
Jeroen, Robert, Barry, Richard & Hien