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Cold Fusion Now: More Than Just Clean Energy | Ruby Carat | GlobalBEM2013

April 21, 2021


You can watch presentation here


A musician and performance artist in the 1980s, Ruby Carat also received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a Masters degree in Math from University of Miami, Miami, Florida. She co-hosted the Marshall McLuhan Reading Club in Los Angeles, California, and is currently researching how the phonetic alphabet in the creation of math and science in archaic Greece. After the BP Oil Catastrophe, Ruby was compelled to advocate for clean energy from cold fusion. She created Cold Fusion Now, has written over 300 articles for the blog, and makes movies that tell the story of scientists in the field. Educational outreach and art actions are conducted to create awareness and support from the public. She is now working on a feature documentary film about cold fusion to completed in Fall 2014. MORE INFO RELATING TO THE PRESENTER Websites: ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION Cold fusion promises a global transformation of energy technology as existing infrastructures will give way to networks that bypass geography, and a fuel of hydrogen allows peoples from around the world to integrate in new and unimagined ways .But cold fusion means more than just clean energy. Familiar institutions will be obsolesced in sweeping metamorphoses. The opportunities and challenges of an environment beyond 20th hierarchies will create a new mental imprint, assisting in the evolution of human consciousness to a different type of being, and it’s already happening.Let’s take an inventory of the elements in our ambient ground existing today that are poised to emerge as striking figure in the future, as cold fusion energy becomes a physical reality for the planet.

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