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  • The Dream Catchers’ mystical journey | Karen Elkins & David Enke

    ABOUT THE KAREN & DAVID Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit started at the age of 23, with her advertising agency Elkins Creative Services in Los Angeles, California. For 22 years, she brought her creativity and passion catering to a diverse range of clients in the fashion and consumer electronics industries. David Enke is a true renaissance man. […]

  • Bluezone – Movimiento del Sexto Sol (Conference Opening Ceremony)

    Bluezone – Movimiento del Sexto Sol (Conference Opening Ceremony)

    Opening Ceremony of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2012 Holland Title: Movimiento del Sexto Sol” by Bluezone and Cheko Mosqueira Run time : 16 min Speaker   : Bluezone and Cheko Mosqueira Price         : Free to watch If you enjoyed this presentation and want to support Globalbem please visit our donate page […]