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June 5, 2021

No More Lockdown Enough is enough.
One by one we are making all the presentations of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2019 accessible in the next coming weeks.


This week
Panel discussion Sunday
watch them here

Next week : Jorg Schauberger

And in case you missed them,from the archives:
(published,but never announced)
Ruby Carat
Josh Toms
Mike Upstone
James Scmidt
Gregor Arturo Clary
Mark Brasche & Mark Dansie
watch them here

The holy trinity of the best introductory books to share & learn about Breakthrough Energy.

Hidden Energy
Breakthrough Power
The Energy Solution Revolution

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April 18, 2021

This week
Panel discussion Sat GlobalBEM2019

Still to be released :
Peter Lindemann
John Cliss
Michael Clarage & Montgomery Childs
Paul Laviolette
Dan Winter
Panel Discussion Day 2
watch them here

And in case you missed them,from the archives:
(published,but never announced)
Ruby Carat
Josh Toms
Mike Upstone
James Scmidt
Gregor Arturo Clary
Mark Brasche & Mark Dansie
watch them here

The holy trinity of the best introductory books to share & learn about Breakthrough Energy.
Hidden Energy
Breakthrough Power
The Energy Solution Revolution

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April 10, 2021

Peter Lindemann – Tesla’s Self Acting Engine

No More Lockdown Enough is enough.

One by one we are making all the presentations of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2019 accessible in the next coming weeks.


This week

Peter Lindemann – Tesla’s Self Acting Engine

Still to be released :
John Cliss
Michael Clarage & Montgomery Childs
Paul Laviolette
Dan Winter
Panel Discussion Day 2
watch them here

And in case you missed them, from the archives:
(published, but never announced)

Ruby Carat
Josh Toms
Mike Upstone
James Scmidt
Gregor Arturo Clary
Mark Brasche & Mark Dansie
watch them here

The holy trinity of the best introductory books to share and learn about Breakthrough Energy.

Hidden Energy
Breakthrough Power
The Energy Solution Revolution

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April 3, 2021

BEM2019 Presentation John Cliss

No More Lockdown Enough is enough.

One by one we are making all the presentations of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2019 accessible in the next coming weeks.


This week
John Cliss – Sounds great! Does it work?

Still to be released
Panel Discussion Day 2
watch them here

And in case you missed them, from the archives:
(published, but never announced)
Ruby Carat
Josh Toms
Mike Upstone
James Scmidt
Gregor Arturo Clary
Mark Brasche & Mark Dansie
watch them here

The holy trinity of the best introductory books to share and learn about Breakthrough Energy.
Hidden Energy

Breakthrough Power

The Energy Solution Revolution

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March 27, 2021
No More Lockdown Enough is enough.
One by one we are making all the presentations of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2019 accessible in the next coming weeks.
This week:
Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage – The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology
Still to be released
Panel Discussion Day 2
And in case you missed them, from the archives:
(published, but never announced)
Ruby Carat
Josh Toms
Mike Upstone
James Scmidt
Gregor Arturo Clary
Mark Brasche & Mark Dansie
The holy trinity of the best introductory books to share and learn about Breakthrough Energy.
Stay safe, be brave, share the love!
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January 21, 2020

We have made all the presentations of the 2019 GlobalBEM conference available HERE.

You can enjoy the following presentations:

  • Jorg Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature – Viktor Schauberger and his unconventional way of looking at the complex web of life, his predictions and solutions.
  • Theo Almeida Murphy – The Power of Water – Its implications on science and society.
  • Mats Lewan – An Impossible Invention – An energy revolution that might change the world.
  • Robert Reich & Roberto Reuter – Why Inventors & Investors do not speak the same language – and how this gap could be closed.
  • Peter Lindemann – The Science Behind Tesla’s “Self-acting Engine“.
  • John Cliss – Taming the Wild West Frontier of New Energy Technology with Professional Vetting Standards.
  • Panel Discussion Day 1 – With Jorg Schauberger, Theo Almeida Murphy, Mats Lewan, Robert Reich & Roberto Reuter , Peter Lindemann and Susan Manewich.
  • Toby Grotz – Breakthrough Energy Generators – How Bruce dePalma’s discovery led to the design and implementation of over unity systems.
  • Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage – The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology.
  • Paul Laviolette – Through the Looking Glass: Our Open-System Universe and Overunity Galaxy.
  • Dan Winter – Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution in the Vacuum – key to vacuum coherence/ zero point technologies AND neg-entropy / life force in general.
  • Panel Discussion Day 2 – With John Cliss, Toby Grotz, Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage, Paul Laviolette, Dan Winter and Susan Manewich.

Enjoy watching!

The GlobalBEM team


December 19, 2019

Below you find an overview of day 2 the Global Breakthrough Energy conference 2019. Our guest editor Ralf Neels spent quite some time to put this article together and it is based on his personal experience. If you like to connect to Ralf please use our Contact Form.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Global BEM conference 2019 – Sunday

Recently  I have watched the video stream of the Global BEM 2019 conference that was recorded on Sunday, the second day of the conference, because I could not be there on that day. This day the presentations were focused on the real scientific explanations behind the so called exotic technologies. At least in the second half of the day, it became quite the roller coaster ride in terms of scientific research. 

A few times during the conference the same fundamental question came up:  What is electricity? A tough question to crack it seems. But it is crucial to answer this question before you can even start to understand what technology behind the question and answer is. In other words; Before you can build an internal combustion engine, you need to know everything about the fuel you are going to use. Will there be an answer to this question? Well, if you allow me to take you with me on this roller coaster, you will find out.

Opening word by Susan Manewich

The opening was done again by the lovely host Susan Manewich. She did a recap on the Saturday and elaborated on Ego. As Susan stated; this concept is intellectually simple but shows complicated behavior. There are many expressions of ego through the field of free energy and not all of these expressions are directly correlated to ego, but at the base of behavior usually ego stands tall. Ego can be a huge stumbling stone for development of products

She also mentioned the young generation, the eager and curious inventors of the future. These people need a healthy ground to start on and the younger generation should be in close contact to the established “older and wiser” engineers, inventors and investors.

John Cliss

First speaker and colleague John Cliss agreed with this idea of the younger generation taking over and taking this technology further into fruition. John did not have any doubts about this happening and he is confident that the next generation will pick up on this, as they are visibly tired of the old paradigm and old technologies that keeps them in shackles.

John Cliss is a breakthrough energy vetting consultant at the NUI foundation.
He worked as a research and development (R&D) scientist in the UK Defence Industry for 12 years until 2014.
During this time, John underwent a significant “awakening” process and turned his attention from designing “weapons of war” to “technologies of abundance”. Since then John has worked to develop New Energy Technologies that create abundant amounts of clean power.

John grew up in Bristol, U.K., and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. However, much of the exotic new physics he has since learnt has not been learned from a textbook.

As John said himself, he had 10 years of work “behind the scenes” of the public realm, before he turned his career around. As he worked for the UK defence industry as a mathematician he always kept an open minded view on physics.

In 2004/2005 he worked for MBDA missile systems on communication systems. They had a big budget on ‘designing the future’. John worked on classified stealth techniques. Everything was compartmentalized (you did not know what your fellow colleague worked on and vice versa)

So John was pondering the question; electro-magnetism – how does it work?

Around 2009, John had an epiphany. He experienced in a dream like state the energy fields around the body in a blue glow. It was an experience of pure joy. He laughed for hours after he had the experience. From that moment on nothing would be the same old thing for John Cliss.

Between 2012 and 2014, John discovered that he had a keen interest in the work of Nikola Tesla. He found himself diving deep into fringe science theories and here say. As he calls it; “The wild west of science”. But as a mathematician and scientist himself, could not take this here say for granted. He ran into a lot of opinions online, instead of hard facts, so there was one way to find out: measure the hell out of it.

John read online about a Scalar Wave Transmitter from Jean-Louis-Naudin. As a strong case of synchronicity, a colleague of John came with an actual device from a shelf that was examined a long time ago, but nothing special came from the experiments. The device was designed exactly like the machine John had seen online. So, John saw this as divine intervention.

The machine was tested by John (him being an antenna specialist) He basically worked with a transmitter and receiver. The receiver in a Faraday cage where no normal radio signal could get in or out. The Scalar Wave Transmitter seemed to emit a very narrow casting ‘pencil beam’ wave right through the barriers of the Faraday cage. There was a 90 dB screening (boundary, reduction) of signal strength from the cage, but the signal coming from the transmitter seemed to penetrate the cage without any signal loss.

So John was very curious about the result of this experiment and there was definitely something going on with this non-conventional transmitting technology that would raise much more questions in John’s mind about this wild west of science he read about online.

He gave the test results report to scholars at the University of Bristol, but they kicked him out on reading this report. No acceptance could be found from academia.

After all these experiences, in 2014 John Cliss decided to resign from his steady job and go his own way to pursue his questions to find more answers.

From 2014 to 2017 he contacted many people in this science field. He started his own lab with his own funding and ran into an open source project called QEG; Quantum Energy Generator in Morocco. It was a high voltage (30kV) and high frequency project with a COP (Continuous Power or Coefficient of Performance) of around 0,8.

John was involved in this project to measure the in- and output of the machine and he wrote a 50 page report on it. He came to the conclusion that the unit in Morocco was not producing over unity power, but the generator was very efficient.

During this experience in Morocco, there was a real sense of a pioneering spirit between all participants. John never experienced this kind of dedication to work to accomplish a common goal in his former everyday job and it was exhilarating for him to find equal minded co-operation on this level.

In 2017, John Cliss met with Susan Manewich. At that time, the term ‘Moral Technology’ came up and they adopted this phrase for their start-up NUI Foundation. Like the GAIA-energy group, where the Saturday speakers Robert Reich and Roberto Reuter were representatives, NUI Foundation is the platform inventors can turn to conceptualize, design and manufacture their ideas. They create the network that reflects the abundant, co-operative nature of the cosmos. The true and only fruitful environment for these technologies to prosper. This platform offers standards against the Wild West of science. They formed this foundation officially in 2018.

John was also busy reading the work Rudolf Steiner.


“For the scientist of the future. the workbench will become an altar” – Rudolf Steiner


The separation of soul from the work in today’s society can be felt and this situation will not bring breakthrough technology. Your soul needs to be connected with what you stand for in your work and your design in engineering should represent this connection.

John showed the audience the results of their work with the NUI foundation. John has flown all over the world to see the inventors and their machines. An expensive way of finding out that most inventions did not deliver the promise. In fact, after introducing their new vetting protocols NINETS, it turned out 95% of 220 technologies investigated were disproved.

So, how did the other 5% get filtered out?

  1. Protocol 1: 11 inventions passed NUI remote vetting (their own measurements via NUI instructions)
  2. Protocol 2: 7 inventions passed NUI personal vetting (NUI Expert measurement onsite)
  3. Protocol 3: 2 inventions passed NUI specialist vetting (NUI Specialist in the particular technology used measured onsite)
  4. Protocol 4: No invention passed the technology replicated in a neutral (lab) environment.

So nothing was approved yet.

John is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on the 2 inventions which passed protocol 3, but he had the liberty to tell us the following:

  1. Solid state box of electronics (shoe box size) without ‘shoe box’ running air conditioning unit used 6,8kVA and 31A per phase and with the solid state box 0,6kVA and 3A per phase. Huge reduction in energy needed to run the air-con unit!
  2. DC battery. in=112W out=150W (Fan motor load) Provides COP= 1,31. This is overunity! Also solid state electronics involved. Six months after the vetting occurred, they claim they have a self sustaining version running.

At this point of the story, John mentioned that in this stage they are talking to manufacturers. So it is important to get an overall spectrum of all parties involved into making a product. A product that also can be re-or upcycled in the end of life stage. Cradle to Cradle manufacturing that would be.

Final notice from John Cliss was how the MSM (main stream media) are starting to write about these fringe science theories and he mentioned a few popular ’emerging market inventions’ that were talked about in the MSM:

  1. Infinity SAV (South Korea)
  2. Earth Engine(USA)
  3. Rosch(Germany/Austria)

As an example see the Wall Street Journal article about Infinity SAV. Normally, the MSM would not even bother to touch on this subject.

Toby Grotz

Who is Toby Grotz? Well, he introduced himself for Global BEM on YouTube.

Toby had a story about Bruce E. DePalma (1935-1997) (brother of famous movie director Brian De Palma) and his N-machine.

Bruce was a 1958 M.I.T. graduate (Electrical Engineering and Physics) and he was involved with Dr. Harold Edgerton in high speed photography.

Bruce lectured at M.I.T. in Photographic Science in the Laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton and directed 3-D color photographic research for Dr. Edwin Land of Polaroid Corporation. Bruce commenced work in free energy through studies of gyroscopes and the nature of motion.

Furthermore, he did studies on inertia with spinning and non-spinning balls. (See picture below)

DePalma published his findings on the Spinning Ball Experiment in the British Scientific Research Association Journal in 1976. He also outlined the Spinning Ball Experiment to Dr. Edward Purcell, a Harvard physics professor, one of the most eminent experimental physicists at that time. (I read this also in the book of David Wilcock; The Source field Investigations, in chapter 13)

According to Toby, a lot of writings on these experiments are not online, but are written in old magazines. And if you find anything online, usually, the links end up broken. (The hyperlinks or permalinks show nothing)

So, Toby urges the audience to get engaged to get these old magazines and scan the pages and put these online in PDF or OCR format.

Another problem with lab experiments is that universities usually hold on to the documents and reports in ownership and do not publish.

Bruce found that a rotating object can effect time. Experiments with the properties of an “inertial field” in the presence of rotating objects show that the frequency of vibration of a tuning fork in an Accutron watch shows time differences between it and a watch removed (away) from the rotating object.
After 1000 seconds, Accutron was 8/10 of a second slower when placed over the axis of a flywheel.(when the Accutron debuted, it was the first really commercially and technically successful electronic watch. At the heart of the Accutron is a tuning-fork oscillator, made to vibrate thanks to current provided by a small battery. One tine of the tuning fork has a tiny pawl attached to it, and as the tuning fork vibrates, the pawl pushes the teeth of an index wheel)

Bruce DePalma found that counter rotating gyroscopes showed 1.8 – 2.7 KG loss in weight.

Toby went on about Bruce’s Force Machine (“The Secret of the Force Machine“, Nova Astronautica, Vol. 15, No. 64, April-May-June, 1995, pages 1-8. ISSN: 0393-1005).

A machine containing 2 gyroscopes which was shown at a Borderland Sciences conference in 1990.

(This reminds me of the articles and videos from Project Camelot I used to read, where a certain gyroscope like time machine was pictured in their documentation on Project Looking Glass; an alleged time machine (with spinning rings) used in the black-ops world and also shown in the 2004 Hellboy movie and in the 1997 (Same year Bruce died) movie Contact with Jodie Foster. Later on with Avengers character Doctor Strange, the more animated shots yet reveal spinning rings/geometry or similar objects he activates with his hands when he manipulates space/time and don’t forget the Eye of Agamotto)

So after Bruce died, what happened to Bruce’s N-machine? The last time the machine was seen in Auckland New Zealand. If you have any information on the remains or whereabouts of the N-machine, please contact Toby.

What seemed to be the origin of the N-machine? Maybe the Faraday Disc (1832) A homopolar generator.

Robert Kincheloe, Homopolar generator test 1986

See also the 1994 Homopolar Handbook of Thomas Valone

The hands on engineer who built the N-machine with Bruce was (Yogacahrya) Bernard  Cole

Toby Grotz also mentioned the book by Marc Seifer: “Wizard: The life and times of Nikola Tesla”

Marc is an authority on the real history of Tesla (among the many people that claim they know about Tesla’s work) and this book is supposed to be the best book written about Nikola Tesla.

See also:

Zenith factor 1984 by Sky Faben

Tesla Said“, book by Tesla Book Company (John T. Ratzlaft) also 1984

Toby’s work on Bruce:  DePalma Papers for download and the interview in 1994.

Toby was pointing at patent US 20150084467 (page 3 to 5) about backtorque reduction.

A very intriguing observation from Toby about Jevons Paradox (1866) we are now at the 5th element; Aether or rather Ether energy (see picture below)

Side note:
Eric Dollard has been studying the aether physics of J.J. Thompson. Thompson’s most important concept is that the aether is the storehouse of momentum. This means that when the aether is electrified, it exhibits the properties of a substance with inertia and momentum that acts upon physical matter.



Other follow-up on the work of Bruce DePalma:

Further links and references:

Again, Toby mentioned the collection of offline data regarding the documentation in old paper magazines (like Magnets Magazine or Infinite Energy), digitize the data in PDF or OCR format. Build up a file repository which can be used for open source hardware design in order to replicate and understand.

Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage – Safire Group

Now, these guys (together with Paul Laviolette and Dan Winter who would come on stage after Safire) were testing my limits of scientific jargon. It was a bit hard for me to understand and make a comprehensible report out of this, but here goes…

Montgomery (Monty) Childs and Michael Clarage have a very bold introduction in replicating the sun in a laboratory! They represent the Safire Project (Stellar Atmospheric Function in Regulation Experiment) I saw that Hal Putoff is also part of the Safire advisory board. Hal was also mentioned by Jörg Schauberger when he was on stage on Saturday.

Monty (founder of Aurtas International, creator, chief scientist, and program leader of the SAFIRE Project) and Michael ( he bridges the gap between astrophysics and the SAFIRE laboratory) started their presentation with the universe as a gravity model versus the electric model as being the old and new paradigm of cosmology. And I agree with them to investigate the electric model. Especially in relation the work of Walter Russel.

So, this is what they set out to proof, in a lab with a custom made reactor and an alloy anode.

They postulate the following:

Stars live inside of a larger electrical structure. A hierarchical universe with the surrounding electrical space feeding the star with power and the planets feeding off the star.
The surrounding of our Sun is negatively charged (Kathode) and our Sun itself positively charged (Anode). This claim would be logical to me. I learned at school that in electronic engineering the ground (Earth) or chassis of the device would be minus, so negative. So, Sun +, Earth -. The biosphere in between acting as battery.

Plasma energy will always seek equilibrium but will not find this, thus it will keep flowing and moving and the star will shine because of this energy ‘struggle’. So the sun is not a(standalone) nuclear energy source, but an energy conductor/transformer.

Currently on Earth, all energy production systems are secondary, meaning the energy generation depends on the indirect (transformed) energy of the Sun (being matter)and motion or propulsion tech to work, instead of the direct energy permeating from space which drives the Sun’s energy. In order to understand the transmutations of matter and energy, the lab experiments are done meticulously with the electric model in mind.

Some interesting videos can be found on their Youtube Channel

The lab experiments are very exiting. That is the feeling I got from the presentation. The purpose in a lab is to control the situation and take measurements, in a way that it can be reproduced. That is science basics. But this is pioneering science. The outcome is not known. It comes down to expecting the unexpected or in Star Trek terms; “to boldly go where no one has gone before”.

That is exactly what happened. They had an experience in the lab that, according to their calculations, should not have happened. The thermal reaction in the reactor peaked unexpectedly and they had to shut down the reactor in fear of a meltdown. This sounds like nuclear reactions, but this is not a nuclear experiment.
Calculations were of by 93%! As a consequence, the physicist could not handle the results that were measured. He got scared and ran off. The lab team has not heard from him since…

Anyway, the rest of the team analyzed all the probe measurements and realized that they were on uncharted scientific ground so they coined a new terminology for the reaction that took place: Electro-nuclear resonance

In the reactor they have all kinds of measurements, fiber optics, temperature and on video: HD, ultraviolet and infrared, thermal imaging.
The anode was examined with the use of a SEM (scanning electron microscope) and EDAX (Energy dispersive spectroscopy) This is basically elemental analysis with the help of a microscope. They found new elements on the anode that were not there before.

After an optical spectroscopy analysis they did further tests and they found out that the transmutation of elements can be used for the remediation of nuclear waste. This could be a major application for their discoveries.
But the focus points are (also) (which will require more funding):

  • A fully functioning lab for further experiments
  • Energy generating reactor for producing clean energy (without radiation)
  • Harvesting potential energy (surplus)

For generating energy from the reactor, further product development is necessary to be able to transform the energy into electricity.

The bigger picture here is that nature is constantly transforming in one form to another. This is also the case with interstellar energy loops.

This is done through interstellar filaments, where star systems are aligned as the plasma permeation allows the star system to grow within the boundaries of the filament (like branches from a tree)
See graph.


Paul Laviolette

Dr. Paul Laviolette is founder of the Starburst foundation (1984) and, where he has conducted interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, geology, climatology, prebiotic evolution, SETI, psychology, and anthropology. Author of Two Overunity TechnologiesSecrets of Antigravity PropulsionSubquantum KineticsEarth Under FireGenesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology.

I started following Paul Laviolette way back when Project Camelot interviews were conducted. At that time he wrote Earth under Fire.

Paul began his presentation with the old paradigm assumptions of ‘scientism’. Scholars that act more on a belief system than to defy the former claims of peers.
So, the first slide was: How to bring down conventional physics and establish a free energy paradigm?
Well, we bring down old scientific models (starting with the Big bang theory) or rather introduce new scientific visions which hold more scientific ground.

Paul showed a phrase from William Tompkins that said a lot…

The US Navy took interest in Tompkins’ capabilities and recruited him into their Intelligence programs to work on advanced technology projects. After the Navy, Tompkins worked within highly classified think tanks designing advanced weapons for aerospace companies, including North American Aviation, Northrop and Douglas Aircraft Company. He even assisted with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA.

Paul has written many books and papers on many subjects and he took the liberty to put emphasis on a few of his many subjects:

Parthenogenesis is the more likely substitute for the Big bang theory. The universe is theorized to develop through a virgin birth materialization process that very much resembles biological parthenogenesis.

Check also the book “Genesis of the Cosmos” and “Sub-quantum Kinetics” about (A)ether theory.

Sub-quantum kinetics is a novel systems approach to physics that has far reaching implications for field theory, astronomy, and cosmology. As quoted from the Etheric website: it “was inspired by advances in our understanding of how non-equilibrium reaction systems spawn self-organizing wave patterns. Replacing the fragmented and self-contradictory framework of modern physics, sub-quantum kinetics opens the door to a truly elegant unified field theory. Electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear potential fields all emerge from a single set of nonlinear equations representing sub-quantum processes postulated to take place throughout all space.

Paul went on about the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction, an open reaction-diffusion system.

From the Wiki: “An essential aspect of the BZ reaction is its so called “excitability”; under the influence of stimuli, patterns develop in what would otherwise be a perfectly quiescent medium. Some clock reactions such as Briggs–Rauscher and BZ using the tris(bipyridine)ruthenium(II) chloride as catalyst can be excited into self-organising activity through the influence of light.”

When I read this, I have to think about another story from David Wilcock’s book: “The Source Field Investigations” where David talks about the work of Fritz Albert Popp. Prof. Popp rediscovered and made the first extensive physical analysis of “Biophotons“.

In the book, David talks extensively about how DNA stores, transforms and releases coherent light. He mentions also the discoverer of the DNA Phantom effect , Dr. Peter Gariaev.

Paul went on about Sub-quantum kinetics advantages

Model G reaction-diffusion system simulator is the engine at the heart of Sub-quantum kinetics. It proposes Model G as the etheric recipe, the “genetic code,” that spawns the physical universe and that variations in these three ether species compose all physical form.

A web browser simulator for the Model G ether reaction-diffusion system has recently been completed by Matt Pulver. It is now posted on the Starburst Foundation website and may be accessed at this link: It simulates the three partial differential equations that describe the evolution in space and time of the variable ether species G, X, and Y.

These tools can be at the basis for understanding the mechanics of free energy principles.

In our universe: photon energy loss or gain over time is the rule, energy conservation is the exception.

Red shift and blue shift in the universe show this rule as the tired light effect in red shift (masculine) and blue shifting (feminine) as matter creation.

Side note:

I have come to know that Red shift and Blue shift are well known terms in astronomy as well as in astro-theology.


In astro-theology there is the holy trinity, the modalities of creative power:

  1. Dielectricity (source creative power or neutral plane of inertia and acceleration where the zero point resides)
  2. Magnetism (force and motion, mag=to move)
  3. Electricity (the result or effect of Dielectricity and magnetism)

The (double) Torus field is the only known model in the universe to represent these modalities. All is Atum!

Red shift is in the lower half and blue shift in the upper half of the torus field and you have the green energy in the zero-point (which represents the heart chakra in case of biology)

Anyway, not to divert too much from the presentation, Paul continued with Nassikas Thruster ,

shown in the graph, which consists of an YBCO superconductor casting shaped in the form of a nozzle with a permanent magnet secured within its throat. Dr. Nassikas received a U.S. patent on this version last year (US 8,952,773)

The thruster exhibited a thrust-to-mass ratio 1000 times greater than the NSTAR neon ion thruster used to propel the Dawn spacecraft.




Another slide showed the TT Brown Gravitator from Thomas Townsend Brown.

Paul LaViolette uses the theory of sub quantum kinetics to provide a theoretical explanation for the phenomena produced by these experiments. A theory based on “ether physics” and the notion that masses with polarized electric fields generate polarized gravity fields that result in gravity wells (attractive forces) and gravity hills (repulsive forces). Paul thinks this technology was used to propel the B2 Bomber, based on Brown’s 1965 patents.



At the end of his presentation, Paul mentioned Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. They are known for the book:

Thought Forms A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation.

From the standpoint of Theosophy, it tells regarding visualization of thoughts, experiences, emotions and music. Drawings of the “thought-forms” were performed by painters Varley, Prince, and McFarlane.



Dan Winter

When I saw Dan Winter on video, I was a bit baffled by his energy and speed. The guy was in a hurry putting all adjectives to every noun in his presentation. I had to rewind a bunch of times to understand what he was saying. Again, very technical and scientific talk in front of this audience. But, in the end he was repeating himself a lot, so the message would stick.

Nevertheless, I will try again to put in writing what Dan Winter had to say (although it may seem very scattered text, but this is how Dan is talking) …

Dan Winter is very popular in his field. It seems a lot of young people dig in to his websites and eat up his theories. And he has a bunch of websites where he is involved:

In his presentation, Dan was going further where Paul left off. Negentropy and self-organization. The return to natural order.

He was talking about centripetal longitudinal waves. The difference between transverse (amplitudinal) wave and the longitudinal wave. See graph.

Longitudinal waves can implode and achieve remote plasma containment (also known in popular terms; paranormal activity).




Phase Conjugation and Longitudinal Wave Compression of the mind.

What is that all about?

1. Human attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller)

2. Very specific frequency recipes- increase attention span (sunlight restores attention span)

3. Human attention is capable of focusing heat at a distance thru a grounded metal screen ( Ingo Swann – heats thermistor at a distance)

4. Human attention is increased in density in the presence of most any centripetal field (magnetic, optic, or dielectric)

5. Human attention climaxes in the presence of Golden Ratio between the frequency of alpha, beta – in brainwave harmonics.

6. Human (like optical phase conjugation) – produces apparent self-organization (healing) – in field effect.

7. Centripetal capacitance (a gold crown on a king, or gold egg halves around your head, or 2 animal held next to your brain temples)- increases the density of human attention . ( and conversely – 2 pieces of opposite to conjugate aluminium foil at the temples on the head- practically eliminates the measurable dowsing response – ability to feel the fields – ref: Z.V. Harvalik- American Dowsers Society).

8. Playing the exact EEG harmonics in the audio – between hemispheres- alpha/ beta etc in Golden Ratio cascades- AND 180 degrees out of phase necessary to produce longitudinal waves- is dramatically powerful to focus attention.

9. Human attention can measurably reduce radioactive half life (radioactivity reduction- reports from Uri Geller et al.)- EXACTLY centripetal the way phase conjugate dielectric capacitance can! (a correlate to human attention) -> capacitor example: Ark of the Covenant, also see

The Safire group also mentioned that the transmutation of elements can be used for the remediation of nuclear waste.


-Inertia by rotating charge -> The spin rate of this rotating charge is time (see:

-Superfluid (Aether) dynamics is charge (electricity)

-Voltage is pressure or tension

-Flow rate is amperage


Living plasma is self aware. As humans, we should learn to communicate with this energy, before we can learn how we can work (co-operate) with it. (This is probably why a lot of free energy projects will work at one place, but reproduced elsewhere, will not work) The plasma will interact with the body and surrounding space.


Dan Winter showed the Tetraflower -> quad implosions tracks mapped by 4 axes of the tetra symmetry, showing exact phi ratio beat nodes (7 vs 5 spin tetra cube, 7 outside and 5 inside spinning)

The perfect (implosive) geometrical form is in the dodeca-icosahedron (hydrogen radii) where the phi ratios are perfectly aligned. Perfect self-similarity of the Mandelbroth fractal (boundary).

See the image where Dan is holding the dodeca-icosahedron.

Dan went on about how fractality causes gravity. In his own words:

“Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing – ‘self aware’. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively, not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center”



You can also check the work of:

Dan refers to the pine cone shape when he talks about the recursive capacitor exchanging voltage with gravity (life force) “imagine 2 pine cones – opposing vortex- learning to kiss noses accurately then this means that phase conjugation in the brain is like phase conjugate optics”

Side note:

This pine cone (can also be representing the pineal gland) is a real eye catcher in the court yard of the Vatican museum, coincidence?

Charge acceleration due to Self-similarity: “Self-similarity of the inside to the outside predicts the amount of gravity created by atoms, DNA, stars and planets

Self-similarity creates gravity because infinite constructive interference of (charge) wave velocities – turns compression into acceleration.

So, what is the reason an object falls to the ground? Charge is being sucked out through the speed of light (Planck’s threshold) this explains (golden ratio) in DNA’s role in fabricating gravity.

Kepler used this principle to proof “perfect nesting” in the golden ratio (in planet orbital ratios) This is gravity stabilizing because of infinite recursive constructive charge collapse (which defines gravity)

Egypt used to be named Khemet. Khem = blackness, referring to “black holes” or actually implosion technology (or “Egyptian black arts”).

The perfect embedding or nesting is also subject to heart coherence and remote viewing/steering of objects.

With the Implosion Group, the propulsion project is based on the works of Crystal Drive from Krowsky-Frost and (published in 1981) by Gallimore, done in 1927 in Poland.

Jerry G. Gallimore:” if we alter a dielectric, instead of crushing it as in piezo-electricity, we stretch a crystal in 3-dimensions, then we will have an inversion of space and time around it. 

This creates a gravitational anomaly. As shown in the article, 2 scientists in Poland, Kowsky and Frost accidentally discovered this in 1929. 

Subsequent articles claimed this was a hoax, but I claim this was no hoax. I have done it in the lab and have applied for patents on it. By applying massive amounts of power to the lattice structure of a crystal, you break it into an amorphous mass and by kicking out ions one at a time, you expand the crystal without disintegrating it. Tremendous stress energy is locked up inside the crystal. It therefore can produce a local gravitational anomaly when further energy is applied.”

David Hatcher Childress and W. P. Donavan are convinced of the truth of this discovery. In the book The Anti-Gravity Handbook they write about the Krowsky and Frost experiment.

P. Donavan (also acting under the name Bill Donavan) wrote in his work Glimpses of Epiphanythat he is not only deep convinced that the results of Frost’s and Krowsky’s experiment are true, but also that “it seems that something got out, that wasn’t supposed to get out” and now it is an effort to conceal everything. Referring to the article “Uberwindung der Schwerkraft? Ein neuer Erfolg der Quarzkristallforschung” from  Radio Umschau in 1927.

At the end of the presentation, Dan Winter made a reference to heart coherence in relation to old sanskrit.

This reminded me of Stan Tenen. Very interesting research he presented about the Hebrew language (letters). See the video.





Reported by

Ralf Neels

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December 11, 2019

Below you find an overview of day 1 from the Global Breakthrough Energy conference 2019. Our guest editor Ralf Neels spent quite some time to put this article together and it is based on his personal experience. If you like to connect to Ralf please use our Contact Form.

Tuesday, November 11, 2019

GlobalBEM conference 2019 – Saturday

Is a breakthrough energy on the horizon?

Last Saturday, I was attending the 2019 Global Breakthrough Energy Conference. A conference about break through energy technologies which are, unfortunately, considered as fringe or pseudo-science based inventions according to mainstream scholars and universities.

But, listening to the topics involved, this field of science is far from the hocus pocus and theoretical gibberish and seems to have a real down to earth hard core scientific basis with provable working examples shown.

I was there to explore the viable alternatives to a centralized energy dependency. Technologies that can save us from the stranglehold of power and money hungry conglomerates. Because it is about time that we the people, take our (literal) power back!

Opening speech

The conference was hosted by Susan Manewich, co-author of Hidden Energy and current president of New Energy Movement. Susan is also involved in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and a better understanding of human dynamics and social systems to successfully transition through these global changes.

After Susan opened the conference, she introduced the 3rd generation of the Schauberger family from Austria; Jörg Schauberger.

Jörg Schauberger

The first speaker to kick off the Global BEM conference 2019 is author and editor of several books and video documentations about his grandfather Viktor Schauberger, speaker at international congresses and head of PKS (Pythagoras Kepler System).

He is holding a science-degree (Magister rer. nat.) in Mathematics from the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz, Austria.
With his company Schauberger Natur Technik he is partner in a research group (Applied Water Physics) at Wetsus in Leeuwarden.

The big topic during the first half of the conference was clearly focused on the characteristics of water. 
Jörg Schauberger started off with showing the nature of water, how it behaves and how to work with water in collaboration with nature. This study was of course already started by his famous grandfather Viktor Schauberger (a comprehensive documentary about the work of Viktor can be found on this blog: Comprehend and Copy Nature) a natural philosopher who studied nature to the core and applied his knowledge in his inventions.
Jörg explained how rivers can be controlled and redirected by taking into account the meandering natural flow of water throughout the land. The actual natural dynamics for river engineering. He mentioned the vortex shaped self cleaning phenomena of water. The pulling forces coming from the movement of water demonstrated by the log transportation system Viktor Schauberger built (see documentary link above).
In short terms, he showed a complete holistic approach to not only water engineering, but he also explained the ramifications of bad water management in mono-culture and agriculture or cultural aspects regarding the water’s function, value and purpose, cutting-edge research on phenomena like water memory or energetic water quality.Otmar Grober, an Austrian river engineer, is a partner in holistic river regulation design. Consisting of natural materials, Grober’s engineering solutions serve as efficient flood and erosion protection. These solutions are cost saving and seem to accelerate recovery of the rehabilitated waterways by improving chemical and energetic water quality.

Inclined Micro Groins (Also a known term in permaculture) can help in controlling the river flow. Essentially, with this technique, the otherwise detrimental energy of the water does not actually reach the shoreline, but it flows harmlessly in the middle of the river. A rich illustrated example can be found here.
_____________________________________________Only nature should be our teacher. Nature is polar, not dualistic
_____________________________________________He showed the audience that nature works in a quiet, non-dualistic way. Tree and plant life does not wonder in terms of good and bad or hot and cold. A tree or plant just is and grows with the basic ingredients and conditions necessary to prosper. Each kind of plant produces its own unique kind of water.Jörg also mentioned Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley, who was the first known photographer of snowflakes. He perfected a process of catching flakes on black velvet in such a way that their images could be captured before they either melted or sublimated.From the more than 5000 pictures Wilson took of the snowflakes during his life, you can see the vast variety of geometrical shapes. The famous expression that “no two snowflakes are alike” must have come from his research. Wilson Bentley was a great contributor to the illustration of natural (frozen) water patterns.

Talking about natural geometric patterns; Cymetics, the modal vibration phenomena was also mentioned by Jörg Schauberger as a visual aid to see the frequency and geometry relation of natural shapes and patterns of liquid and fine grained materials.

But of course, the conference is about free energy and Jörg mentioned the energy from water. A meandering healthy and clean river can give energy. If you actually measure the voltage, a meandering river gives energy and a straight flowing “channel” of water does not move the volt meter.

In regards of energy from water, Jörg Schauberger also mentioned the works of Olof Alexandersson (author of  “Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy”) and Lasse Johansson.

The book of Alexandersson describes that Viktor Schauberger as an inventor developed a number of ingenious machines which would revolutionize farming, horticulture, forestry and aircraft propulsion. He developed water purification systems, and showed how air and water could be harnessed as fuels for many machines. His discovery of implosive energy and diamagnetism had many practical applications, most of which have yet to be developed.

However, old remnants of the implosion turbine designs from Viktor showed up in the USA and replica’s where made by enthusiasts of Viktor’s work.
Allegedly, UFO like flying machines where spotted in South America right after WWII, based on the implosion (anti-gravity) techniques from Viktor. However, Jörg claims never to have seen a flying machine of this sort in his entire life.

And last but not least, in the list of names Hal Puthoff was mentioned. Puthoff , a Stanford Ph.D., was heavily involved in alternative approaches to general relativity and quantum mechanics. Later on, he was conducting experiments in the field of remote viewing, together with Russell Targ.
In 1985, Puthoff founded a for-profit company, EarthTech International in Austin, TX.

At about the same time, he founded an academically-oriented scientific research organization, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA), also in Austin, TX, where he is Director. Through this institute, gravity and zero-point energy research was conducted.
Puthoff and EarthTech were granted a US Patent 5,845,220[10] in 1998 after five years delay. The claims were disputed that information could be transmitted through a distance using a modulated potential with no electric or magnetic field components.
At the end of  Jörg Schauberger’s presentation, some nice quotes from his grandfather where there to remind us to work with nature and not against it. We live in a crucial time where we have to change our ways in order to live in abundance on this earth, not in (man made) scarcity and oppression. A message not to be taken lightly!

Dr. Theo Almeida Murphy

Next speaker was Dr. Theo Almeida Murphy. A scholar from the Canary Islands who went to Germany to study Physics in Marburg and Berlin. He also got into mathematics, chemistry, medicine and philosophy but his heart was in Physics. He focused on nuclear methods for studying solid state matter. As an entrepreneur he founded a company concentrated on developing additives for fuels based on water. It was during this time that he got involved in the mysteries of water.
His presentation started with the physical introduction of the Joe-cell and passed it around through the audience to have a look and feel.
The HHO gas was the topic at hand and other than the more philosophical approach from earlier speaker Jörg Schauberger, the audience was introduced to a more the technical and scientific approach for applications for water as a fuel. Funny subjective ‘gimmick’ that was introduced was the expression of Mickey Mouse as the childish H2O atom structure taught at schools on an early age. (You had to be there to appreciate it 🙂
Many examples as HHO gas as a branded name by inventors. Brand names such as Brown’s gas or Magnegas. However, the point being that many of these inventors found a new coherent and harmonious binding of ‘molecules’ in the name of charge clusters or supramolecular water clusters.
The ability to burn water (gas) and use it in a blow torch like setup to cut through various (very hard to cut ) materials with an arguably low flame temperature raises a lot of scientific questions. The fundamental question would be: How can water burn? Theo showed a lot of various situations where these different new gasses or Supramolecular water clusters. Most of the time, these gasses are formed during experiments.

“It is time to use water as a fuel. Water will be the coal of the future” Jules Verne

Theo mentioned Water Fog from Walter Jenkins , see: “H2 Global, clean fuel for a clean future

Most water fuel researchers and developers are focused on methods to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water with electrolysis (running electrical current through the water). However, there are other ways that are much more efficient and effective. With only hundreds of milliamps, Walter Jenkins can run an engine with 95%+ water. Walter isn’t using electrolysis, but he was heavily involved with that years ago and he is actually the original developer of the popular dry cell that most experimenters are using.

Theo also mentioned Andrija Puharich. Dr Andrija Puharich reportedly drove his motor home for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s using only water as fuel. At a mountain pass in Mexico, he collected snow for water. It is said that Stanley Meyer studied papers of Andrija and built his own ‘water car’.
Theo went on about a peculiar state of very pure water called xerosydryle(FROM ANCIENT GREEK: XEROS (DRY) – IDRO (WATER) – YLE (MATTER)
and ‘water neurons’. Very interesting indeed!
After his talk and after the first break, Theo approached me and asked me what I was doing at the conference and I told him I was running a blog. So Theo, now you know where to find me 🙂

Mats Lewan

After the small break we left the water topic and went into LENR (Low energy nuclear reaction) technology with Mats Lewan.

For over twenty years, journalist and public speaker Mats Lewan, author of the book An Impossible Invention: The true story of the energy source that could change the world—has been writing about technology and science based on his profound knowledge in the field. His style is captivating and easy to follow, even for those who are not technology savvy.

He is committed to the issue of where our world is heading and how people and technology interact. Both as a speaker and writer, he identifies the technology-driven social change that many sense but is often difficult to describe.

Lewan has been working for more than fifteen years as a technology reporter for the leading Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik. He also started the forward-looking Swedish digital magazine Next Magasin for which he was the managing editor.

Previously Lewan worked internationally as a freelance journalist, and as a reporter for CBS-CNET News in San Francisco while attending the Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford University.

During this year’s Global BEM conference, Mats talked about Andrea Rossi’s E-cat technology and the history of Andrea’s struggle with patents and greedy industrialists and cancer. His perseverance to focus on his projects led to the latest version of E-cat in early 2019.
I hoped for Mats to also mention the late Eugene Mallove (Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Infinite Energy and Director of the New Energy Research Laboratory in New Hampshire), who also was heavily involved in LENR technology and was allegedly killed by his neighbour just before and important revelation about cold fusion on a famous radio show (together with David Wilcock and Richard C. Hoagland).
But unfortunately, Mats focused solely on Andrea Rossi. More on Andrea’s work on E-cat can be found on this blog in multiple articles. You can start here and here and of course on Mats’ own blog: “An Impossible Invention”.

GAIA – Energy

Robert Reich and Roberto Reuter. This investor duo on stage that were a bit lost on their train of thought in the beginning of their presentation it seemed. Later on they picked up the pace on their story about the communication between inventor and investor. Or as they would describe: investor ≠ inventor. They claim to be the missing link of communication between investor and inventor.

GAIA was founded on the 15th September 2011 by 6 founding members. The association was able to attract more than 2400 enthusiasts, visionaries, pioneers, sponsors and extraordinary gifted people and keeps growing. They strongly believe that it is possible to power every single building with self-sufficient energy without the exploitation of Earth’s natural resources.

Their presentation was the business side of bringing these exotic technologies to the market, meaning; from inventor to family life, without industry and patent pending involved. Finance working machines from concept to product, or rather from proto-type to mass production.
Their portfolio was rather diverse as well as their order book, which contained already lots of orders from different countries around the world. They accomplished this with minimal marketing. An interesting story to say the least.

Peter Lindemann

After the Robert and Roberto duo, it was time for Peter Lindemann to take the stage. Peter has 40 + years of experience in this field and in June of 2000, Peter and his wife Jackie formed Clear Tech, Inc. to develop and market information products on Free Energy systems.

Peter Lindemann continues to be a sought after lecturer, consultant and educator in the field of alternative energy solutions.

Peter gave his presentation/lecture on Tesla’s Self Acting Engine. It is Peter’s concept of bringing together the Sterling engine (Advanced regenerative heat engine) and ROVAC (Rotary Vane System or advanced regenerative heat pump) as a super efficient regenerative energy system with almost 100% efficiency, by recycling the ‘waste’ energy back into the loop.
In theory, could this be the sought after machine Tesla was writing about in 1900 in Century magazine? Peter wants to bring this concept to life and he is spreading the word about this idea.
In fact, this concept would be an engine which would run on sun energy. Extracting the necessary energy from the environment by means of using the (sun heated) ambient temperature to run an engine.

Tesla had an intense interest in statements from Camot and Lord Kelvin which meant virtually that: “it is impossible for an inanimate mechanism or self acting machine to cool a portion of the medium below the temperature of the surrounding, and operate by the heat extracted”.


Panel Discussion

Before the panel discussion started, there was a brief introduction to There were a few people there who told a story that caught my attention.
Plant life (and also human and animal life) shows the abundance of energy. Nature and esoteric knowledge of self provide many answers to the secrets of life and with that the understanding of breakthrough energy concepts. Look at native tribes on Earth and their abilities to ‘talk’ to plant and animal life.
Furthermore, the message is that our heart is the actual ‘brain’ we should use and our heart should lead the brain, for it is a much faster ‘computer’ that knows intuitively how our connection with nature is.
This group is combining holistic esoteric knowledge with free energy technology through FESIG, Free Energy Special Interest Group.
During the panel discussion and Q&A, I picked up the following core statements and messages:
  • The overall sentiment of the public and main stream scholars is the fear of change and future developments and a rigorous paradigm shift. We need to keep informing everyone about this science and technology in order to overcome fear. Fundamental change in world perspective is needed for at least 15% of the world population for the rest to follow (according to some studies). This is imminent for real change.
  • Trust is a very important factor when it comes to sharing ideas and visionary thinking with other peers or colleagues in the same field of work. There is fear of losing the idea to someone else who will run with the idea and make lots of money or strike up all the credits. Most of the time, ego or greed gets in the way of ideas coming to life. Going open source could be a good solution.
  • There are too many different views of scientists and inventors. Views or visionary thinking which can be sorted in the same category of invention or solution, but there is no or little co-operation between these inventors about the sharing of knowledge or the combining of assets and resources to accomplish a common solution. Collaboration in this area should be encouraged!
  • Curiosity is fundamental for coherence between individuals, when it comes to exploring your own visionary ideas. There must be an environment where people are encouraged to share and grow to become the best version of themselves.
  • Internet can help with collaboration and communication, but it is crucial to have face to face contact with like minded people. Ideally, very strong collaboration between parties can reduce the time to develop a viable apparatus from concept to product. Maybe a project which typically takes 10 years to finish, can be finished in maybe half the time!
  • Visionary concepts need grassroots collaboration and funding to come to life as a working product. We can not expect from authoritative business or politics to come up with solution as their interests are not in the interest of we, the people and they have a conflict of interest towards our goals. Although, it can help and in many cases it is even crucial to get co-operation of local authority to accomplish common goals.
  • The biggest bottleneck between investors and inventors is to get past the phase 1 prototype to full production. Nowadays there are investors with ideals and there are multiple new (online) funding capabilities, which can be interesting, rather than thinking in old ways to get capital. Although investors still do not like to put their money on too much risk, there is also a big sentiment these days to invest in a common goal which will benefit the many instead of the lucky few. We should explore the possibilities. One of the interesting institutions I have been in contact with is
At the end of the conference I started thinking about a widespread collaboration with many idealistic institutions and initiatives.  
There must be parties that are willing to co-operate.
Just to name a few:
For now, goodbye and maybe soon I will see a few people from the conference to exchange constructive thoughts. I sure hope so!
Reported by:
Ralf Neels
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November 23, 2019

We would like to thank all speakers and guests for the trust in our team and their fantastic participation to make the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2019 a great success. The event was filled with great energy and we have received many warm compliments.

Your input fuels our motivation to organize more events in the future. Currently, we are preparing our plans for 2020 more information about this will be announced later. Furthermore, Robert and his Audio/Video team did a great job preparing all presentations. If you already have access you can watch them here. If not, you can still buy a ticket here.


The GlobalBEM team & volunteers.

Jeroen, Robert, Richard, Hien, Maddy, Paul, Samer, Casper, Johan, John, Frits, Justin, Mirjam, Chiel, Thijn, Simone, Frits


October 28, 2019

Meet Susan Manewich, Host of the GlobalBEM conference in November. She has recently co-authored the book Hidden Energy with Jeane Manning.

Susan A. Manewich M.S. is currently the President of New Energy Movement, 501C3 and Director of the Nui Foundation, a community interest company (CIC) in the UK and focuses on conscious leadership for the positive evolution of all life. She has spent 20 plus years in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics and social systems to successfully transition through these global changes.
Read more about Susan here.

The GlobalBEM team.