Bluezone – Movimiento del Sexto Sol (Conference Opening Ceremony)

Opening Ceremony of the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2012 Holland

Title: Movimiento del Sexto Sol” by Bluezone and Cheko Mosqueira

Run time : 16 min
Speaker   : Bluezone and Cheko Mosqueira
Price         : Free to watch

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Bluezone’s vision is not just the mere manipulation of technological gadgets. Their use is meant to ultimately evoke an emotional response from the audience and spur them on to discover lost domains within themselves. His objects are of sophisticated craftmanship. Bluezone’s instruments produce archetypal sounds.

According to the Maya and Aztec calendar, the actual period of the fifth sun
will come to an end on 21 December 2012. The sixth sun will take its place.
The sixth sun is a good sun. A sun of balance.The inner space where
progress joins remembrance, where everything is balanced and united:
good and bad, hands and machines, tradition and modernity. With their new music,
Dutchman Piet Jan Blauw (electronic avantgarde instrumentation)
and Mexican of Aztec origin Cheko Mosqueira (traditional indigenous instruments)
unite musically in a movement that represents this new culture of the near future:
the movement of the sixth sun.

Piet Jan Blauw started his artistic carreer making; paintings ( water paint, oilpaint and other mixed techniques ), etchings, silkscreens, jewelery ( silver, acrylic and rubber),bronze sculptures and kinetic objects.
He was a member of the artist union “BBK 69” (1970-1989 ).
He has been teaching at the Folk High School in Bergen n.h.,the N.S. training school for teachers in Haarlem and the International Make Up Art School in Koln – Germany.

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