Month: September 2019

  • Presenter Toby Grotz about GlobalBEM 2019

    Presenter Toby Grotz about GlobalBEM 2019

    Meet Toby Grotz, presenter at the GlobalBEM conference in November 2019. His talk will be about: “Breakthrough Energy Generators, How Bruce dePalma’s Discovery led to the Design and Implementation of Over Unity Systems”. Toby Grotz is an electrical engineer with a background in power systems design. He has designed electrical systems for coal, natural gas […]

  • Support the Movement

    Support the Movement

    GlobalBEM is a non profit organisation. Your donation will help us to grow the Movement and inform the world. Any donation is very much appreciated. You can donate here.

  • Volunteers wanted

    Volunteers wanted

    Are you interested to join our team of volunteers? We are continuously looking for people who can help us on a regular basis. Are you exited and like to do something? Get into action and sign up here.