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April 20, 2015

What is 3D printing? What will it mean in the future for your daily life and for the development of Breakthrough Energy Technologies.

I consider myself a modern mystic. Blending technology with intent, my professional and personal footprints trace a non-traditional path through the daring and digital domains. I have envisioned, created and managed information systems, digital pipelines and publishing pathways for a full spectrum of projects, from corporate giants to my own entrepreneurial adventures. After receiving a Management of Information Systems degree from the University of Arizona, I was part of AOL’s meteoric growth, as both a general manager and brand technology developer. During that time, I followed my fathers footprints and became a private pilot. On a fateful Friday afternoon, while on a solo flight to Annapolis MD, I nearly crashed my aircraft. That day marked a shift, an awakening of sorts, and a reboot of my fundamental orientation toward conscious evolution.
In the months that followed, I divorced myself from corporate life, and opened my heart mind to a simple question… “What would you dare to do, if you knew you could not fail?” I answered that question first by starting liquidbuddha.studios, an animation and visual effects studio with the intention of creating visual effects to evolve consciousness. Since then I’ve had the privilege of working on creative projects with consciousness leaders like Foster Gamble, James Twyman, Barbara Marx-Hubbard; with groups like the Institute of HeartMath, EarthDance; and most notably as Director of Visual Effects for the film THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
During the first year of starting liquidbuddha, I attended SigGraph, the industry conference for 3d graphics, and had my first experience of 3D printing… In just 14 years I’ve watched the barrier for entry vaporize, and 3D Printing become a wildfire affecting all aspects of our lives. How has this happened?