The new energy era must ride atop a tidal wave of wisdom. The stakes are too high for anything else.

Joel Garbon
Executive Director New Energy Movement

Susan Kornacki

Susan Kornacki focuses on conscious leadership for the positive evolution of all life. She has spent 20 years in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics to successfully transition through these global changes.

Susan currently works to bring ethics, integrity and global team cohesion to the field of new energy technology​. Susan is also affiliated with a global economic transformational team focusing on transparency and borderless connection with Wisdom Networks. Susan has worked with the Resonance Project Foundation as a Director and member of the Resonance Academy faculty team. She was involved in key organizational initiatives where science and consciousness could healthily integrate and also led major communication strategies.

Some of Susan’s professional accomplishments are in the field of conscious leadership development and Emotional Intelligence, where her work has been consistently well praised by her clients around the globe including Harvard Business School, Yale University, University of Chicago GSB, London Business School and many others. She has also published work as a lead author on a contribution to Applying Emotional Intelligence, lead developer and author of a series of activities, reflections and exercises titled, “Teaching Emotional Intelligence Skills to Others,” and a co-author of a chapter in Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life. Susan also contributed to a chapter titled “The Earth as Goddess” in The Mystery of Woman. Susan has been a featured speaker at emotional intelligence conferences in London and Toronto, and most recently appeared as a speaker at the Conscious Life Expo and Survival for Humanity conferences in Los Angeles, California.

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Getting Back to our Collective Natural Blueprint: Grassroots Breakthrough Energy

Learn why a crowd funded initiative for Breakthrough Energy is absolutely critical for our world today, and what a grassroots project encompasses.

As the awareness of humanity changes, corporations become more powerful, governments more regulatory and information exchange happening at rapid speed, a tipping point has emerged. This crowd fund campaign is a fully transparent, honest, inclusive, multifaceted initiative where we will witness the inventors, scientists and the technology in motion. This campaign is meant to serve as a template to bring communities together, and for us to be able to collectively get our natural Source energy back. These technologies are for each and every one of us, not for the power elite or AI arena and it is time we rightfully claimed it back. Is the major missing component to why Breakthrough Energy Technologies have not hit the public because the people at large are not included in their own energy solutions?

Here’s a