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We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on this website, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and thus each member or any other person involved in any way, have to take responsibility for their own statements, acts and beliefs.
"Most of the really new inventions come from lone, independent, fiercely creative people"
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    • Chukanov provides photos of ''Great Quantum Dragon'' April 19, 2014
      ''I produce powerful, stable, ball lightning. For information: ball lightning is not PLASMA; ball lightning is 2-D macro-quantum object that in some special conditions (created in my QFE generators) can violate some of laws of physics valid ONLY for regular (non-quantum) matter. (PureEnergyBlog; April 19, 2014) […]
    • Photoswitches: a breakthrough material for storing heat energy April 19, 2014
      Meet 'photoswitches,' a breakthrough set of materials that act as their own batteries, absorbing energy and releasing it on demand. (Free Energy Blog; April 19, 2014) […]
    • This Week in Free Energy™: April 18, 2014 April 18, 2014
      Krstan Pejic QMoGen Featured on Serbian TV • Edwin S's QMoGen • Jaime Inostroza's QMoGen • Solar Hydrogen Trends next PR • QEG: a high-voltage, low amperage device; Resonance discussion; HopeGirl in London; Timothy Thrapp (WITTS) gives caution • New $99 Neurophone crowdfunder about to launch • Chinese Solar and Bundy revolution (FreeEnergyNews) […]
    • To those who have never donated to PES April 18, 2014
      Time to chip in. (PESN; April 18, 2014) […]
    • AETHER Relativistic Perturbation Mantle April 17, 2014
      ''I have made a discovery in Lightning physics that revealed the very centerpiece of our worlds.'' (Free Energy Blog; April 17, 2014) […]
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    • Homemade Solar Lamp for Developing Countries April 20, 2014
        The solar lamp developed by the start-up LEDsafari is a more effective, safer, and less expensive form of illumination than the traditional oil lamp currently used by more than one billion people in the world.   I have seen first hand on many occasions the need for alternative lighting sources other than those powered … Continue reading » The post Homemade […]
    • Photoswitches promise new alternatives for solar storage April 20, 2014
        It is Easter so am having a break. To save time I am posting  a few cut and paste stories. The following story is mainly from the MIT Review. Have a happy Easter A team of researchers from MIT and Harvard University have found a specific type of molecule that can efficiently absorb solar … Continue reading » The post Photoswitches promise new alternatives […]
    • Kanarev’s simple battery powered (electro) magnetic motor April 20, 2014
        This is a simple battery powered device and makes an excellent science project. The batteries are enclosed (see circuit diagram in video). It also is an excellent example of how people (that was not the intent here) can easily hide power sources.   [There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. … Continue reading » The post Kanarev’s simple batte […]
    • Tin Selenide shows promise converting waste heat into electrical energy April 19, 2014
        A team of researchers working at Northwestern University has found that tin selenide (SnSe) has the highest Carnot efficiency for a thermoelectric cycle ever found, making it potentially a possible material for use in generating electricity from waste heat. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes work they’ve conducted on SnSe … […]
    • Scam of the week: Freee – free energy for everybody April 19, 2014
        This one is so obvious it is a scam at does not need a discussion. It is one of many that appear each week. Luckily the public is becoming more discerning as can be seen of the lack of support. Without active promoters most of these die a natural death. ENGLISH Don´t you … Continue rea […]
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    • Michael Ruppert RIP (1951-2014) April 16, 2014
      Michael C. Ruppert, investigative journalist, peak oil activist, and star of the movie Collapse, has taken his life. It appears to be confirmed that a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Sunday evening, just a few hours after his radio show, was the cause. Mike’s history ranges from former LAPD officer, CIA whistle […] […]
    • “An Impossible Invention” review by Brian Josephson April 10, 2014
      Nobel laureate Dr. Brian Josephson commented on Nature with a review of Mats Lewan‘s new book An Impossible Invention, chronicling the early work of Andrea Rossi, engineer and inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, or Ecat. The Ecat is a commercial steam generator based on nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions that is now in development. Lewan had a […] […]
    • Baby With the Bathwater: The Wrongful Rejection of Cold Fusion — Part I April 10, 2014
      2014 is upon us, and progress in the field of Cold Fusion (aka LENR) marches steadily on. Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC), currently operating out of California and working in collaboration with Stanford Research Institute (SRI), recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with an undisclosed South Korean company who intend to manufacture their LENR boile […]
    • Michio Kaku informed on new developments in cold fusion April 9, 2014
      Jeremy Rys of asks Dr. Michio Kaku his thoughts on cold fusion science, and alerts him to the accelerating development of the field since the first announcement of the discovery 25 years ago. Dr. Kaku is a teacher and author of numerous popular science books as well as textbooks on high-level theoretical physics. He […] […]
    • Commercial Developments presented at 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Conference April 8, 2014
      The recent 2014 Cold Fusion/LENR/LANR conference from March 21st to March 23rd at Massachusetts Institute of Technology happened to overlap with the 25th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion at the university of Utah. Against all odds, huge strides in understanding the phenomenon were made in the last 25 years. Recently, […] […]
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    • Linking to article on visit to Defkalion Green Technologies May 31, 2013
      In April I visited the laboratory of Defkalion Green Technologies and watched a demonstration of the Hyperion, an invention that seems to offer more hope for a clean-energy future than anything presented by conventional alternatives.  I wrote an article  Defkalion 2 page JM Article #100 (3) about the visit, since I had a deadline looming […]
    • A realistic pitch about breakthrough coil April 18, 2013
      It’s timely to hear about a funding-raising venture that is a refreshing change from the bogus promises I mentioned in the previous blogpost. I first heard about it today, when I received a message from colleague Ken Rasmussen.  (I had photographed him a few years ago in the San Francisco Bay area when he was […]
    • People-Power Outscores Scammers April 11, 2013
      The Internet can be used for good – or for the opposite. One of the beneficial uses has been the crowd-funding to finance a People’s Lab for electrical genius Eric Dollard (who will be a speaker at the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Conference.) Thanks to the fundraisers, he is no longer sleeping in his car in the […]
    • Dr. Rita is ‘Just Energy’ December 13, 2012
      In about 10 days from now my article on the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference will be posted on What took so long to write it, you ask? You’ll see; it’s more than 5,000 words long, and in the meantime I’ve been juggling unexpected responsibilities. Here’s a fun one coming up: Dr. Rita Louise […]
    • BEM conference had humor, humanity November 23, 2012
      Members of the human family from 21 countries attended the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. The candid photo here is of two from the USA — speaker Catherine Austin Fitts and MC Mitchell Rabin.  I like it because her gesture could be described as “powerful woman,” and she is — in admirable ways. The story […]
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    • Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University (Document Release 2) January 23, 2014
      Jan. 23, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – New Energy Times will make available some of the source documents used in our Jan. 20, 2014, report "Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University." Today, we release pages from three documents obtained from the federal government in response to multiple Freedom of Information Act [.. […]
    • Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University (Document Release 1) January 21, 2014
      Jan. 21, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – New Energy Times will make available some of the source documents used in our Jan. 20, 2014, “Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University” report. Today, we release the police report of the Aug. 28, 2008, incident in the Nuclear Engineering building. Darla Mize, the […]
    • Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University (Part 1) January 20, 2014
      Jan. 20, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – Summary Physics is a contact sport, as the saying goes, and Rusi Taleyarkhan, a professor in the Purdue University School of Nuclear Engineering, learned that the hard way. His scientific research, if it is ever independently replicated, may lead to a clean-energy technology. But his nascent […]
    • Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University (Part 2) January 20, 2014
      Background Taleyarkhan was born in 1953 near Mumbai, India. Based on his academic excellence, he was awarded a scholarship from the prestigious Tata organization in India and earned his first degree, in mechanical engineering, at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India. At 24, he moved to the United States and earned a master’s […]
    • Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University (Part 3) January 20, 2014
      First Purdue Replication In April 2002, a month after the Taleyarkhan group published its claim in Science, Tsoukalas put together a group to independently replicate the Oak Ridge nuclear cavitation experiments. The group had a few meetings, and then two graduate students, Anton Bougaev and Joshua Walter, began working on experiments, primarily supervised by […]
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    • First Book about Andrea Rossi and Ecat Published | LENR & Cold … April 19, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: Cold, eCat, first-major, impossible, LENR, lewan, low-energy, nuclear-reaction, Rossi, swedishThe first major book about Andrea Rossi and his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology has been published. (Read more...) […]
    • Andrea Rossi – Happy Easter Anniversary – Remembering the … April 19, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: anniversary, emembering-the-petrol, happy, happy-easter, petrol, petrol-dragon, remembering, Rossi, thermoelectric Andrea Rossi – Happy Easter Anniversary – Remembering the Petrol Dragon – Omar Scam This is just one extremely small part of our next report within our Thermoelectric scam articles. We are trying hard to get it.(Read more.. […]
    • E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #2: Rossi Guesses June … April 15, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: been-involved, long-term-testing, third-partySince there is an increasing amount of anticipation about the long-expected report from third party which has been involved in long-term testing of the E-Cat , I thought I'd create a thread where news, links, rumors, etc. (Read more...) […]
    • ​Ecat report ready – Long time test, almost here! – News – LENR Forum April 15, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: 15th-2014, both-the-media, eCat, few-weeks, field, increased-interest, Media, see-more, should-see, stock, the-field, the-stock​ Ecat report ready - Long time test, almost here! Apr 15th 2014, 8:49am. Within a few weeks we should see an increased interest in the field, we will also see more curious from both the media and the stock mark […]
    • ​Ecat report ready – Long time test, almost here! – News – LENR Forum April 15, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: 15th-2014, eCat, few-weeks, increased-interest, Media, see-more, should-see, stock​ Ecat report ready - Long time test, almost here! Apr 15th 2014, 8:49am. Within a few weeks we should see an increased interest in the field, we will also see more curious from both the media and the stock market(Read more...) […]
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    • People Standing for Justice April 18, 2014
      By Foster Gamble Some good news about what’s happening in the Justice sector, I believe, is that we are not just waking up to the phenomenal abuse of power, but also to questioning the Government’s fundamental power to abuse. Download the audio file (right click and choose Download or Save As…)Read a transcript of the audio (to translate the transcript, choo […]
    • THRIVE Good News — Episode 8 April 11, 2014
      From energy to justice, economics and education we celebrate these stories as we navigate our way to a thriving world. As a whole, they illuminate that—given the opportunity—most people are fundamentally innovative, resilient and want to help each other. Download the audio file (right click and choose Download or Save As…)Read a transcript of the audio (to t […]
    • Empowering Your Health: Beyond Monsanto, Rockefeller and the American Medical Association April 4, 2014
      By Kimberly Carter Gamble with Erin Breech When your doctor tells you your prescription is approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), it’s intended to give you confidence. But what it really means is that the drug or procedure is endorsed and funded by the same corporations that endorse and fund Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other produc […]
    • Redefining School and Reclaiming Our Lives: How to Create REAL Opportunities for Meaningful Education March 28, 2014
      Why do we accept that at the most naturally curious time in our lives, when everything is new and our brains are poised to learn, our kids are required to sit still for 18 years in a row memorizing standardized, biased information? Have humans evolved to this point to be bored and rewarded for our obedience? We don’t think so, but unfortunately that’s the ki […]
    • The Aikido of Intimacy March 21, 2014
      “The true measure of greatness of a human being is their ability to express love in relationship.”      - Walter Russell By Foster Gamble We are relational beings. People go crazy in solitary confinement. We relate to our parents, our children, our siblings, our co-workers, our friends, our competitors, our clients, our pets, our plants, our bodies, emotions […]