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We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on this website, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and thus each member or any other person involved in any way, have to take responsibility for their own statements, acts and beliefs.
"Most of the really new inventions come from lone, independent, fiercely creative people"
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    • Lockheed Martin Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor October 18, 2014
      Allegedly, the first commercial reactors capable of producing 100 MW would be small enough to fit on the back of a 16-wheeler, and could be ready for use in a decade, after producing their first prototype in five years from now. (PESWiki; October 18, 2014) […]
    • TWIFE™ Featuring Frank Acland of E-CatWorld October 16, 2014
      Sterling Allan on Coast to Coast AM about E-Cat breakthrough • High Magnification of Rossi's Nickel Particles • The Inconel Mouse of Rossi's E-Cat • Replicating the E-Cat | Components • Ahern's Doubts on E-Cat Test Resolved • Keppe Motor on History Channel • FEAR is the greatest facilitator of Ebola (FreeEnergyNews; October 16, 2014) […]
    • Free Energy Scout Fundraiser October 15, 2014
      Once again it's time to pass the hat to make ends meet here at PES. Thanks to the humble supporters who keep on giving. Wondering why we can't get more good loans, to make donations unnecessary, when the majority of our audience is comprised of people in the $100-$150 and $150+/year bracket. (PESN; October 15, 2014) […]
    • Replicating the E-Cat | Components October 15, 2014
      A listing of tools and resources pertaining to replicating Andrea Rossi's E-Cat. Independent replication of the E-Cat will be a historic additional scientific validation that the E-Cat is real and will revolutionize clean, affordable energy production on the planet. (PESWiki; October 15, 2014) […]
    • Keppe Motor on History Channel October 15, 2014
      Also an invitation to join the Keppe Motor team at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, October 13-16, 2014 -- Asia's Largest Autumn Electronics Fair -- to learn more about this ground-breaking, energy efficient technology. Up to 90% efficient according to UL Testtech Laboratories. (Free Energy Blog; October 15, 2014) […]
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    • The Electricity Generating Scroll Turbine October 30, 2014
      This Technology  is part of a gas fired boiler system to be released in the UK in January next year. As well as home heating gas fired) it will generate electricity. In the past similar co gen systems utilized variations of the sterling engine often with reliability issues. This is simplicity itself and I rank … Continue reading » The post The Electricity Ge […]
    • Quick Ebola test October 29, 2014
      This may be a bit off the normal energy-related subjects here, but it is a rather neat application of science that might prove to be somewhat more important in these days when the human rights of a possible disease-carrier are treated as more important than those of the general populace who don’t want to become … Continue reading » The post Quick Ebola test […]
    • 3D Printed Graphene Batteries October 28, 2014
      Being able to 3D print a graphene infused  material is a real breakthrough for many applications.  Graphene has the highest strength of any material isolated, extraordinary conductivity, flexibility, and transparency. It is possible to print your own 3d printed battery. Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. is focused on the development and manufacturing of graphene-enhance […]
    • Water Powered Generator Update October 28, 2014
      Move over QEG, Rossi and the other QmGens. The answer is here!!!! Or is It ? In my believe it or not section for this week we have the water powered generator  from GDS Technologies in Canada I have decided this was worthwhile updating with a post from PieEconomics He garnished some useful information in … Continue reading » The post Water Powered Generator […]
    • Helion Energy: Magneto-Inertial Fusion October 28, 2014
      Whilst the readers from a well known alternative energy site are rushing of to purchase their water powered free energy machines, I thought it was time to review some real technologies back here on planet earth. This technology has caught my eye. With several players developing small fusion reactors. This company is well funded, award winning, and one … Cont […]
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    • Cold fusion defended against ITER at Channeling Conference October 29, 2014
      Edward Tsyganov presented Cold Nuclear Fusion at the Channeling 2014 Conference held October 5-10, Capri, Italy. During the Oct. 8 roundtable session, Dr. Tsyganov has reported that “some of the participants suggested that we avoid rushing to promote cold fusion and, therefore, prevent any interference with the implementations of international tokamak ITER.” […]
    • Edmund Storms’ The Explanation of LENR available for Kindle October 22, 2014
      Edmund Storms’ The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is now available in a Kindle version. Get The Explanation of LENR on Kindle here. The ebook includes a new Appendix that answers the questions readers have posed to Dr. Storms since the book’s release in July, and contains a further description of […] […]
    • Open Power Newsletter 14: “WE WANT A CHANGE OF CONSCIENCE!” October 20, 2014
      Open Power Association Newsletter #14 has been released. The newsletter is archived in Italian here. The following are a few google-translated and slightly modified excerpts that refer to cold fusion-related activities. Hydrobetatron Full Gallery Our Scientific Director: Prof. Ugo Abundo at the International Conference of Rhodes […]
    • Andrea Rossi on 3rd-Party Report, Industrial Heat, & 1MW Plant — New Interview October 15, 2014
      Intro: You are listening to the Q-Niverse podcast. Let me just say, before we get started, that today’s episode is being brought to you in part by who helped facilitate the dialogue you are about to listen to. Today I have with me Andrea Rossi. Mr. Rossi is an inventor and […] […]
    • The Ultimate Hot Tub October 14, 2014
      “I have never been an optimist or a pessimist. I’m an apocalyptic only. Our only hope is apocalypse. Apocalypse is not gloom. Its salvation.” –Marshall McLuhan Apocalypse – Old English, via Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal,’ from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover.’ -Google A […] […]
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    • Linking to article on visit to Defkalion Green Technologies May 31, 2013
      In April I visited the laboratory of Defkalion Green Technologies and watched a demonstration of the Hyperion, an invention that seems to offer more hope for a clean-energy future than anything presented by conventional alternatives.  I wrote an article  Defkalion 2 page JM Article #100 (3) about the visit, since I had a deadline looming […] […]
    • A realistic pitch about breakthrough coil April 18, 2013
      It’s timely to hear about a funding-raising venture that is a refreshing change from the bogus promises I mentioned in the previous blogpost. I first heard about it today, when I received a message from colleague Ken Rasmussen.  (I had photographed him a few years ago in the San Francisco Bay area when he was […] […]
    • People-Power Outscores Scammers April 11, 2013
      The Internet can be used for good – or for the opposite. One of the beneficial uses has been the crowd-funding to finance a People’s Lab for electrical genius Eric Dollard (who will be a speaker at the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Conference.) Thanks to the fundraisers, he is no longer sleeping in his car in the […] […]
    • Dr. Rita is ‘Just Energy’ December 13, 2012
      In about 10 days from now my article on the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference will be posted on What took so long to write it, you ask? You’ll see; it’s more than 5,000 words long, and in the meantime I’ve been juggling unexpected responsibilities. Here’s a fun one coming up: Dr. Rita Louise […] […]
    • BEM conference had humor, humanity November 23, 2012
      Members of the human family from 21 countries attended the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. The candid photo here is of two from the USA — speaker Catherine Austin Fitts and MC Mitchell Rabin.  I like it because her gesture could be described as “powerful woman,” and she is — in admirable ways. The story […] […]
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    • Rossi Handles Samples in Alleged Independent Test of His Device October 12, 2014
      October 12, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – In a document recently circulated on the Internet, collaborators of Andrea Rossi, a convicted white-collar criminal with a string of failed energy ventures, have again tried to establish credibility for the device that Rossi calls his “Energy Catalyzer,” or “E-Cat.” His collaborators said that they performed […]
    • Chase Peterson, Former University of Utah President, Dies September 15, 2014
      Sept. 14, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – Chase Peterson, a former University of Utah president, died on Sunday. He was 84. He died of complications from pneumonia, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Peterson, who served as president from from 1983 to 1991, played a key role in the March 23, 1989, public […]
    • Japan LENR Conference (JCF-14) Proceedings Available June 24, 2014
      June 23, 2014 Japan LENR Conference (JCF-14) Proceedings Available: Proceedings of the Meeting of Japan CF Research Society […]
    • LENRs: The Good News About Climate Change May 8, 2014
      May 7, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – On May 6, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released its Third National Climate Assessment, a comprehensive report on climate change and its impact in the United States. The news is not good. But the good news is that interest in the potential of greenhouse-gas-free low-energy […]
    • Nikkei Reports Mitsubishi to Use LENRs To Clean Nuclear Waste April 25, 2014
      April 24, 2014 – By Steven B. Krivit – On April 8, 2014, Nikkei, the Japanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal, reported that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Yokohama, Japan, plans to use low-energy nuclear reactions to clean nuclear waste. This patented LENR transmutation method was developed by Mitsubishi physicist Yasuhiro Iwamura. New Energy Times [. […]
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    • Second HotCat Test Report October 8, 2014
      Categories: Ecat, Ecat NewsTags: abstract, close up, examined-before, please-refrain, problem-holding, the-performance, usual-practice, veracity The long-awaited 2nd HotCat report is now available , although there appears to be some delay or problem holding it from arXiv. It is lengthy and as is my usual practice, the aim is to report its appearance ASAP to […]
    • Second HotCat Test Report – Updated October 8, 2014
      Categories: Ecat, Ecat NewsTags: close up, disappointment, examined-before, levi, performance, problem-holding, Report, scientific, the-performance, time Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the debate. Rossi continues to deliver even if it is not what he promised. (Read more...) […]
    • Second HotCat Test Report October 8, 2014
      Categories: Ecat, Ecat NewsTags: abstract, capability, disappointment, energy-release, examined-before, Fuel, hotcat, performance, please-refrain, Report, Rossi, tests & demos, usual-practice, veracity The long-awaited 2nd HotCat report is now available , although there appears to be some delay or problem holding it from arXiv. It is lengthy and as is my […]
    • ETEA ECAT MCQ's with Solution Manuals (Book) | Engeecon … August 5, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: eCat, etea, hints, lahore, mcq, peshawar, solution, solution-manual, taxila, tricks, uetETEA ECAT MCQ's with Solution Manual (Book): Previous papers MCQ's + Sample MCQ's of ETEA & ECAT (UET Peshawar + UET Lahore + UET Taxila ); Solution Manual of Each and Every MCQ's; Hints and Tricks to solve(Read more...) […]
    • Game Changing Energy Technologies | E-Cat = Rossi Cold Fusion August 1, 2014
      Categories: EcatTags: bode-well, energy, energy-nuclear, energy-technologies, largely-ignored, LENR, news-stores, reaction, such-as-low, these-storiesTwo recent and largely ignored news stores bode well for potentially game-changing energy technologies such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. One of these stories shows us could happen if we […]
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    • THRIVE — Cool Tools for Hot Topics September 24, 2014
      By Foster Gamble To save everyone time in their own quest, I wanted to upload the essence of my life’s research — into both problems and solutions — onto a website. So our team spent several years doing just that. We always conceived of the film as a trailer for the website, and the website as a tool for the movement. But the online culture changed to where […]
    • THRIVE Solutions Group Catalyzes Colorado GMO Labeling Movement September 19, 2014
      By Foster Gamble With over 1,000 groups now in our Solutions Hub Network, it is thrilling when we hear from various groups what they are up to and how their efforts are benefitting one another. The current success of Denver’s THRIVE group offers templates for organizing and languaging that can now facilitate the same work around the country and the world thr […]
    • Cell Phones: More Than A Voice In Your Ear September 12, 2014
      By Kimberly Carter Gamble When cell phones first came out, I used to hold mine directly up to my ear for what amounted to hours a day. A few years ago, I had surgery for removal of cancer in the exact spot I held my phone. I can’t prove direct causation, but that’s when I started looking into the possible ramifications of radiation from cell phones. After th […]
    • Spirituality — The Direct Experience September 4, 2014
      By Foster Gamble VISION : A world where each person is free to experience directly his/her own unique sense of their inner spiritual nature without coercion or suppression. Danger : A one-world authoritarian government or any particular religion becomes so powerful that they suppress the natural choice of any individual to freely experience their unique expe […]
    • Debunking Debunkers August 29, 2014
      By Foster Gamble I love debunkers — the REAL ones. I am a rational skeptic and I know a dedicated and skillful debunker can save us all time and help keep us from being duped yet again in dangerous and impactful ways. The problem is finding and identifying the real ones in a murky sea of fake naysayers and hating trolls with a hidden and biased agenda that d […]